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  • Did Navarro win nationals?

    Did Navarro win nationals? The Oklahoma State cheer squad took home the national championship at the National Cheerleaders Association college nationals on Friday in the Advanced Large Coed IA division. The 22-time national champions took the title after finishing second in the prelims behind Texas Tech with a score of 96.2963.2022-04-09 Did Navarro win Grand […]

  • Did Renesas buy NEC?

    Did Renesas buy NEC? TOKYO, Japan, April 1, 2010—Completing a merger transaction between the former NEC Electronics Corporation and Renesas Technology Corp., the newly established Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723) today announced that it has commenced business operations. Is the microchip shortage affecting all cars? There’s a shortage of microchips around the globe at the […]

  • Did Led Zeppelin plagiarize songs?

    Did Led Zeppelin plagiarize songs? Following a six-day trial in 2016, Led Zeppelin were cleared of plagiarism. The jury rejected the claim that Page and frontman Robert Plant weren’t familiar with the song it also featured in Page’s sizeable record collection but found the two songs to be “not intrinsically similar”.2020-10-06 How many album covers […]

  • Did Clint Eastwood really climb in The Eiger Sanction?

    Did Clint Eastwood really climb in The Eiger Sanction? Clint Eastwood did all of his own stunts, including the scene where he cuts his safety line over a drop of at least 1,000 feet. The only stunt he did not perform was a 2,500-foot drop, for which a dummy was used. One climber, David Knowles, […]

  • Did Schlotzsky’s change their name?

    Did Schlotzsky’s change their name? According to the Austin Business Journal, over the next three months, the 350 or so remaining Schlotzsky’s restaurants will be renamed Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery. The chain has experienced success with the concept at more than a dozen stores in a handful of markets, including one in Bee Cave, since 2016.2019-04-19 […]

  • Did Tom Brady have off season surgery?

    Did Tom Brady have off season surgery? In the aftermath of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Super Bowl-winning season in 2020, word got out that Tom Brady needed to undergo offseason surgery on his knee.2021-06-09 Has Brady ever had surgery? As you look picture-by-picture, it’s clear that there have been changes over the years. This truly […]

  • Did AirTran go out of business?

    Did AirTran go out of business? AirTran Airways, or simply AirTran, was a US budget carrier headquartered in Florida with its main hub in Atlanta. Operating mainly Boeing 717s and 737s, the airline would shuttle passengers around the US midwest and east coast. Operating for 21 years, AirTran ceased operations in 2014.2021-02-16 What was ValuJet […]

  • Did the real Ivan the gorilla paint?

    Did the real Ivan the gorilla paint? Ivan was a real gorilla living in the United States, and he really did paint beautiful and abstract paintings during his life.2020-07-08 Who voices the animals on Ivan? The 400-pound silverback gorilla named Ivan (voiced by Sam Rockwell) shares a habitat in a shopping mall with an elephant […]

  • Did people wear wigs in the 1800s?

    Did people wear wigs in the 1800s? While it’s true that wigs were a major status symbol early in the second half of the 18th century, by 1800 short, natural hair was all the rage. Learn all about the rise and fall of wigs.2020-05-26 When was the wig first invented? For a long time, hair […]

  • Did Edgewell buys Harry’s?

    Did Edgewell buys Harry’s? The founders of hip shave brand, Harry’s, had recently signed a deal to sell their company to consumer brand corporation Edgewell for $1.37 billion.2021-03-31 Does a straight razor give a closer shave? A quality straight razor made with high carbon steel and proper heat treatment will take and hold a sharper […]