Do you have to tip on a yacht?

Do you have to tip on a yacht?

Yacht-tipping basics Regardless of whether you’re on a yacht or superyacht, it is generally advised that guests tip between 5 and 20 percent of the base charter fee.2020-02-20

Who tipped 6500 on Below Deck?

Charles Sanders and wife Erica Rose topped off their shocking Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter by leaving a $6,500 tip, likely the worst gratuity in franchise history.2022-03-14

Do you tip the yacht crew?

And how do you leave a tip for the crew? That’s something almost every yacht charter guest wonders. According to the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) tipping guidelines, the general rule is to tip between 10% and 15% of your weekly charter fee, excluding running expenses and taxes.

Do yacht crew get a salary and tips?

On the seasons of Below Deck, the crew usually brings in around $15,000 per person in tips for about six weeks of work. That’s in addition to the crew’s regular salary. Plus, the cast on the show does not work a whole yacht season, so it is likely they make more throughout the season as they move from boat to boat.2021-01-12

Who pays the tip on Below Deck?

‘Below Deck Med’ tips are 20% of the full-price yacht fee. The production sheet shared with charter guests also touched on tip policy. “Additionally, the charter group is responsible for the cash tip which is typically 20% of the original, full price charter fee not the discounted price,” according to the call sheet.2021-08-16

Do yacht crew get paid or just tips?

“They do get a salary for being hired as part of the yacht crew, they do get to keep their tips, and they do get a production fee.” Goslicky also confirmed during the Reddit AMA that “the guests are actually paying for their vacations.”2021-03-04

Is it hard to get a job on a super yacht?

The work is tough and can include hard physical labour. It’s not uncommon for crew to work 12-to-14-hour days for weeks at a time. We don’t want to dishearten you, but these are some the realities of working on a Superyacht.

What was the biggest Below Deck tip?


What is the average tip on Below Deck sailing?

between $15,000 to $20,000 per

How much did the Tuohys tip on Below Deck?

The tips varied a lot this season, with two $25,000 tips. Those are not the biggest tips compared to previous seasons of Below Deck, but they’re not too shabby either. They also sure beat getting no tip at all from charter guests.

Do yacht crews only make tips?

Yes, all tips should be given directly to the captain so that they can divide the amount out between all the crew. It is important to remember that there may be crew that have worked just as hard as others but have been less visible during your trip. Tips will be shared equally between all crew members.2021-12-21

Is it hard to get a job on a yacht?

The yachting industry is a notoriously difficult industry to get into; the old phrase ‘it’s who you know, not what you know’ springs to mind! So how do you go about giving yourself the best possible chance of securing yourself that dream job aboard a yacht or superyacht?

Do yacht crews get tips?

In general, brokers advise tipping between 5 to 20 per cent of the base charter fee, depending on the yacht and the location. It is usually towards the lower end of that scale in the Med and higher in the US and Caribbean. Tipping your crew is a customary practice at the end of a superyacht charter.2021-12-21

Is working on a yacht a good job?

A career in yachting can be rewarding, exciting and a wonderful opportunity to travel the world and explore new horizons! Wherever there is water, you have the potential to go. Traditionally the yachting industry in the Mediterranean runs from April until September and from November to April in the States & Caribbean.

How much does a yacht crew make per season?

A deckhand makes about $3,500 to $4,500 a month, and up to $50,000 a season. Bosuns, who are in charge of the deckhands, make approximately $5,000 a month and up to $52,000 a season. See also: Interview: ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ star Daisy Kelliher on clashing with Chef Natasha and more.2022-01-21

What was the Below Deck tip?

Captain Lee believes the biggest tip ever received was $35,000 from primary charter guest Timothy Sykes’ group. However, a $25,000 tip is certainly well above average for a charter tip. It’s definitely better than getting no tip at all! It also is a lot more than other tips given out in season 9 of Below Deck.2021-12-08

How To Get Into Yachting | The Exact Guide – Helping you

How To Get Into Yachting will help guide you on how to get into the Superyacht industry as new crew.It is specifically designed for those new to the industry, with the exact guide and step by step instructions how you can start your career as quickly and efficiently as possible. Giving you specific and relevant information, not just based on what the crew agents require but based on what is

How to Get Into Yachting Guide » YOA Yacht Crew Agency

Ask any crew member about the time they have spent on board luxury yachts and notice what happens. In almost all cases, the response is as follows: a distinct glimmer in their eye rapidly followed by a smile and no doubt a tale or two. We love what we do but we also pay a price for it. That is the truth.


Depending on your needs, you will get the answer from a Captain, Chief Stew, Chef, or someone from the Deck and Engineering department. Crew Library is the only platform you need to go when looking for information about the industry. You have absolutely nothing to lose joining, and SO MUCH to gain! See you on the Crew Library! I want to sign up NOW


Start talking to crew agents after you complete your courses. Apply to the crew agencies online and then go to the offices and make friends with the agents. Crew Agencies Job listing sites – go on these sites every day and look for jobs that apply to you. Finally, find a job and don’t f*ck it up!

Getting a Yacht Job – The Recruitment Process

First things first, you must make sure that you have an up-to-date and professional Resume before you can get out there. Step 3 – Get out there Yachting hot spots and dock walking There are several ways to find work in the yachting world.

The exact guide on how to enter the Superyacht industry as

Book accommodation in a crew house (optional: but the best place to start) before you leave home for the duration of your STCW 95 course – don’t book any longer as you’ll get a feel for where you want to stay after that. Leave for yachting location 7. Check into crew house and get social! Meet as many people as possible and learn about yachting. 8.

How do I get work on a yacht with no experience?

To get hired on a yacht with no experience you need to: Be in the right place at the right time Have a professional resume Register with Luxury Yacht Group Complete basic STCW classes Build references with day work Maintain contact 24/7 Be in the right place There are seasons in the yachting industry.

How do I get started in the Yachting Industry? : sailingcrew

To get started in the yachting industry there are a couple of key steps. The first step you need to take is to do your research, what part of the industry would you like to be a part of? Are you a good cook?

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How to Become a Yacht Broker – YachtWorld

Eligibility requirements include at least three years’ experience in sales and yacht brokerage, proof of appropriate trust or escrow accounts, a history of using legal sales contracts, and possession of all necessary licenses.

Is Yachting A Good Career? Industry Advice | Flying Fish

Very few jobs in yachting require a degree. You will still need industry qualifications to show your competence, but you do not need to spend 3 or 4 years studying at University. A willingness to learn on the job, being a hard worker and team player is far more valuable than an undergraduate degree.

How To Work On Super Yachts & Sailboats (2021)

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started? To get started working on a yacht, all you need is a plane ticket to one of the international hubs, 2-3 months worth of cash to feed and house yourself while you find your first job, and $1000 – $1200 for a yacht training course or two. Yacht Training Courses

Careers in the Luxury Yachting Industry: What can a yacht

Become a charter broker or a yacht broker —As the names suggest, yacht brokers serve as agents in negotiating the sale of yachts, while charter brokers handle the chartering of them. For ex-stews carrying all that previous onboard experience, becoming a charter-yacht broker is a wonderful career option.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Work on a Yacht? – YPI CREW

Whether you are starting out in the yachting industry as part of a yacht crew, or you are an experienced yachtie, it is important that you get, and keep, your yacht qualifications and yacht certifications up to date. Read on for more information on the qualifications and certificates required to work on a yacht.

Working on Yachts – Useful Information & Salary Guidelines

The key to getting your first job is to network! Always carry a copy of your CV with you. Register With Crew Agencies Remember the industry is a tight, professional network therefore it is crucial to communicate with others, walk the docks, distribute your CV and register with crew agencies.

Start a Yachting Career | Become a Superyacht Stewardess

Steps to Get a Job as a Yacht Steward/Stewardess: Understand the role of a Steward/Stewardess onboard a yacht. Complete Steward/Stewardess training courses. Complete the My Crew Kit “Steps on How to Work on a Superyacht”. Obtain an ENG1 or ENG1 Equivalent Medical Certificate. Select the correct time to travel and look for work.

How to get a job on a Superyacht! – Peter Pan Traveler

Tips and tricks for “How to become a yachtie” 11 Ways To Ensure You Get A Job On A Superyacht 1. Make a Kick-Ass CV 2. Dockwalk 3. Yachting Facebook Groups 4. Daywork123 5. Drop off your CV at local Yachting Spots 6. NETWORK with Superyacht Crew 7. APPLY, APPLY, APPLY 8. Triton/ Social Superyacht Events 9. Airdrop Your CV or Business Cards 10.

Start working on a superyacht | Step by step – My Crew Kit

Start working on a superyacht by completing the following steps: 1. Choose the yacht crew department you wish to work in. Before joining the yachting industry, it is essential to decide on your career path. The work environment and duties associated with each superyacht department vary greatly.

Get A Job On A Yacht With No Experience – Flying Fish Online

13 top tips on how to get yacht jobs with no experience: 1. Gain an edge through qualifications Qualifications show more than just the skills they certify. By stacking up a bunch of qualifications on your CV, you show commitment to the industry and a willingness to learn all you can, that is very impressive to a potential employer.

How To Get a Job On a Superyacht – The Ultimate Guide

How Do I Even Get Started to Working on a Superyacht? 1. Money – Decide if you have enough savings to tide you over until you get your first job onboard a superyacht. 2. Preparation – Sell some of your useless things, rent your apartment out or even start day working in the superyacht hubs of the world.

Am I too Old for Yachting? – The Crew Coach

You need to make it clear that you have the life and work experience the industry is looking for, as well as the determination and work ethic to go after what you want and stick to it. For the right Captain, your maturity (and winning personality) will be the thing that gets you hired, rather than the thing that rules you out.

Trying to get into the industry — advice? – Yacht Crews

I find it really difficult to get started in the yachting industry. And it’s discouraging seeing the “partiers” get the work and those like me, who don’t partyfind next to nothing. Fort Lauderdale was an experience, but I’m from Connecticut and if I’m unable to get a raise, even to $1,000 a month then I will try Newport around April of 2013.

Work On A Yacht – The Official Site for "The Insiders

The first edition of her book, “The Insiders’ Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess,” has been a must-read guide for yacht crew since 2006. With the release of her updated, second edition, Julie hopes to continue to help wannabe “yachties” get into this awe-inspiring industry—if not simply entertain those intrigued by such a career path.

How to Become a Yacht Broker –

Yacht brokers deal specifically in the sale of yachts, although some workers may also sell other types of boats. Brokers who specialize in selling yachts must be aware of current trends in the yacht industry, such as information about different types of yachts and how certain yacht manufacturers compare to others.

Tips on How to Write a Yachting CV – UKSA

Making sure your CV gets placed on the ‘yes’ pile is key to securing your first job in the yachting industry. Here at UKSA, along with our specialised Careers Courses designed to teach you the necessary skills required to enter into the yachting industry, we also have a Careers and Industry Guidance Team dedicated to helping you make that

The Angry Yacht Chef: How To ACTUALLY Get Into The

The next lot are actual agencies that i believe are better than the rest either by the amount of jobs they get, how suitable the jobs that get sent to you are, how helpful the staff are and/or how hot their staff are (Luxury Yachts pretty much getting in solely on the last one).

How to Become a Chief Engineer on a Superyacht

Additional Yacht Engineer Benefits – In addition to salary, Yacht Engineers received industry standard packages including board, travel, full health care and also generally when in a higher Engineering position you will be on time for time rotation, which means you receive paid leave for half of the year.

Make your break into yachting – Bluewater

Make your break into yachting. New Year and a new start why not try something different? Whether you are thinking of coming over to the Mediterranean to do your first season on a yacht, if you are returning back into the industry or you are jumping ship, there is nothing wrong with early preparation for this coming Med season.

SA Yachties Home Page – South African Yachties

South African Yachties in my opinion is the preferred way to get into the Yachting industry. Dave has been professional from day one. He guided myself and a friend through the entire process making him a pleasure to work with. His friendly manner and advice was key in helping me decide that this was what I wanted to do.

Entry Level Yachting Qualifications – Bluewater

Jobs in yachting. Deciding in which department you would like to specialise will help you to determine your next educational steps in achieving your career in yachting. Jobs on yachts are divided into 4 departments and the entry level course(s) for each position are as follows: Deck – Power Boat Level II, Entry Level Deck Week

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Start working on a superyacht – My Crew Kit

Start working on a superyacht by completing the following steps: 1. Choose the yacht crew department you wish to work in. Before joining the yachting industry, it is essential to decide on your career path. The work environment and duties associated with each superyacht department vary greatly.

How To Become A Yacht Engineer – wilsonhalligan

A common first yachting job for EOOW qualified candidates is 3 rd Engineer. The main advantage of a cadetship is that seatime is gained quickly and on vessels over 3000 GT, allows for a ticket which is ‘unlimited’ by tonnage as all yacht engineering certificates are. This opens the door to working on the world’s largest mega and superyachts.

What crew training do I need to work on a – Yachting Pages

Yacht stewards/stewardesses. A steward or stewardess’s priority is to look after the guests and the interior of the yacht. In most cases, there will be a chief stew who will lead a number of assistant and junior stews – a great entry-level pathway into the industry.

Yacht crew positions and contracts – Yachting Pages

The expected salary of a yacht chef can range from €4,500 to upwards of €9,000 per month, depending on the size of yacht , the experience of the individual and amount of supporting galley staff working aboard. A second/sous chef of a mid-size yacht (60m) might expect a median salary of around €3,650 per month. Yacht crew contracts

Three reasons why now is a good time to get into the

The yachting industry has always been a lucrative (and fun) career opportunity for intrepid young South Africans. We spoke to Chanel Marais, owner of Virtual Yacht Assistant to get some insights on why now is a great time to enter the industry.

Am I Too Old To Work On a Yacht? – Flying Fish Online

However, if you are into your 40’s and 50’s, it can be harder to initially find work for entry level roles and unfortunately you may find some crew agencies will turn you away. If you are new to the industry, you will have to start in an entry level role, such as a deckhand or stewardess.

Is Bravo's 'Below Deck' Hurting the Yachting Industry? 10

What is BravoTV’s Below Deck doing TO or FOR the yachting industry? If you haven’t seen it, Below Deck is a show about the crew of a multi-million-dollar luxury yacht and their adventures doing charters with all different types of guests. Filmed entirely in the Caribbean, on an amazing boat, it’s the only show of its kind that gives real people a peek into what’s considered a glamorous lifestyle.

What do you need to get into the super yacht industry

What do you need to get into the super yacht industry. What do you need to get into the super yacht industry. Post published: ; Post comments: 0 Comments; Old or new, superyachts must be maintained and operated in top condition. Changes in insurance policies and international and national maritime laws make it mandatory for

Useful Info – Superyacht Crew Academy

The Crew Network – Worldwide Established in 1988 as Worldwide Yachting Services , The Crew Network has been providing crew to the yachting industry for over a decade. With offices in Auckland, Ft. Lauderdale, Newport, Manila, Antibes, and Palma de Mallorca, The Crew Network has a great track record in placing crew on Super Yachts.

Yacht Jobs – The Crew Network

At any one time our recruiting teams are handling over 100 full-time, part-time and seasonal vacancies for yachts from 24m (79′) to over 200m (650′) around the world – many advertised exclusively with The Crew Network (TCN).. Some of these maritime jobs may be perfect for you. Applying for yacht jobs through TCN is simple and free of charge.. Here’s how you can get yourself on the

How to Become a Deckhand – MITAGS

Let’s get into the different duties deckhands may have in various positions in the maritime industry, as well as jobs you could work your way up to. Deckhand Duties, Job Description and Positions. Deckhands operate and maintain equipment on the deck of a vessel and assist with docking and other operations.

Breaking In : the yachting industry

PROFESSIONAL COURSES break into yachting 5 /5 (1) Breaking In : the yachting industry 24.99 €

How much do jobs on yachts really pay? –

Each yacht crew has a salary range, with the lower salaries going to less experienced crew and on smaller yachts, and the higher range going to more experience and more years in the yachting industry. Remember this is just an average as each crewmember works out their own salary. Some make more, others make less.

Trying to get into the industry – YachtForums

I find it really difficult to get started in the yachting industry. And it’s discouraging seeing the “partiers” get the work and those like me, who don’t partyfind next to nothing. Fort Lauderdale was an experience, but I’m from Connecticut and if I’m unable to get a raise, even to $1,000 a month then I will try Newport around April of 2013.

Yacht Delivery Jobs – CruiseJobFinder

Delivering Yachts To Break Into the Industry. According to current delivery service captains, working on a delivery job is a great way to get started in the industry. It gives you the hours at sea and experience you need to get other jobs, and you are able to learn without the added pressures or demands of passengers onboard.

$10m in grants for yachting industry | Local Business

Save. IN A bid to revitalise the yachting industry, the Government is distributing $10 million in grants for people who work in it. The grant facility, which is a one-off, is aimed at small and

A week in the life of a yacht interior stylist during a

Starting with an empty vessel. The full length of the 50-metre yacht had been completely stripped by the previous owner — not a single item was left in the cupboards. That meant fitting out the entire yacht from scratch: “From top till bottom and all within a week!”. “We worked day and night to get all the required bed and bath linens

How Russian sanctions are shaking up the superyacht

The yachting industry has been booming for the last two years, as demand increased during the pandemic. Jeremy Suyker/Bloomberg/Getty Images “The yachts that were the most attractive to our

Yacht Hunter

Chris Mortimer, Founder Yacht Zero. Did you know yacht brokers and salesman are referred to the used car salesman of the yachting industry? I’m working hard to educate buyers, leverage transparency and assure that the money you’ve worked so hard for, is best enjoyed onboard your yacht, opposed to the inside of the salesman’s pockets. FULL

Is Investing in Yacht Charter be profitable? – Rodriquez

However, in the yachting industry answering these questions with anything else other than “It depends..” requires us to get into a great level of details. At the very least, we need to get into the specifics of the size segment you choose, the primary geographic area and the yacht charter business model that you intend to implement.

The future of yachting: Smart technology for your next yacht

During its research for the Outremer 4E project, and new 55, Grand Large Yachting found that the usage of a yacht accounts for a much higher carbon footprint than its build. If you are able to

Official Yacht Stewardess Job Descriptions and Salaries

The first edition of her book, “The Insiders’ Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess,” has been a must-read guide for yacht crew since 2006. With the release of her updated, second edition, Julie hopes to continue to help wannabe “yachties” get into this awe-inspiring industry—if not simply entertain those intrigued by such a career path.

How to Charter a Yacht: A Beginner's Guide | Condé Nast

Professional bodies such as MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association act as a database of industry-recognized professionals. But the best source for finding a charter broker is often your own network.

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Hannah Ferrier on Instagram: "Hey Guys! Welcome to my new

I get countless messages asking how to get into yachting and it’s quite a confusing feat! I noticed there was a gap between knowing you want to start yachting and the safety course you legally need to work on yachts. So this online course teaches you the A-Z and some side tips on the best way to get started in the yachting industry.

Yacht Jobs – Yacrew

Hundreds of live jobs on yachts and superyachts. Jobs for yacht crew in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, USA and other locations.

Boating Industry

May 3, 2022. The NMMA and Info-Link, a market intelligence firm serving the recreational boating industry, recently reported that 420,000 first-time boat buyers of new and pre-owned boats entered the market in 2021, on par with 2020 – levels the industry hasn’t seen since 2007. First-time boat buyers accounted for 34% of boat

The South of France is the centre of the yachting world. – BBC

In 1992, Burgess died during a solo round-the-world yacht race, and Beckett, who owned 25% of the company at that time, became CEO. He owns all of it now. In Monaco, Joff Beckett meets clients on

Getting to the Bottom of the B1B2 Visa for Yacht Crew

Whether a yacht is registered commercially or for pleasure, there is no set itinerary, and so it is therefore considered a private means of transport. In the eyes of the US government, the entire yachting industry is a private industry (remember that!), thus a B1B2 is necessary. Let’s get back to the classic scenario.

How to Sink an Industry and Not Soak the Rich

The yacht costs $2,995,000, but, thanks to the current luxury tax that kicks in at $100,000, you have to fork over another $289,500. Rich people aren’t happy about paying this extra money. Even if

Yachting Pages – Search Superyacht Services and Mega Yacht

Yachting News. Turkish yard KRM Yacht Refit & Repair has completed the refit of well-known sailing yacht Lady M at its facility in Istanbul. A luxury superyacht that was being used to smuggle over two tonnes of cocaine into the UK, worth around £160 million (c. €192 million), will be sold at auction later this month.

The best yacht design courses to kick-start your career

Although many of the world’s top superyacht designers had no formal training, taking a yacht design course can be a great way to kick-start your career and make vital industry connections. We round up five of the best. Southampton Solent University’s Yacht Design and Production Course has an international reputation and for good reason, as it features guest lectures from BMT Nigel Gee and

CryptoYachts NFTs

The CryptoYacht Club is a project that brings Iconic, Historical and Themed Yachts into the Metaverse. 733 carefully tailored CryptoYachts are an expression of your desire and personality. CryptoYachts? In the year 2021, KPTAIN build a Marina and 733 digital Yachts to create the 1st tokenized Yachting community.

Massive decline in yachties, forex earnings | Local

“We arranged an introduction tour of the yacht service providers on the western peninsula to provide first hand insight into the current state of the industry, the challenges and more so the

Calling all billionaires: here's how to keep your

“The yacht industry, like most industries, has been hit hard by coronavirus, and like others it is looking to see how it can get back to a new normal,” he added.

Urban Dictionary: Yachting

Celebrity will also most likely be caught by the paparazzi on the yacht and people will think that the celeb has paid etc Yachting is a term for Z-C list celebrities who need money to supplement their incomes and in order to keep up appearances.

Careers – Superyacht UK

Careers in the superyacht industry. A superyacht is defined as any leisure yacht over 24 metres (79 feet) in length. There are many hundreds of superyachts sailing the seas and oceans today – motor or sail, and they employ thousands of crew members from around the world. Owning or chartering a multi-million-pound superyacht is an exclusive


The sailboat segment of the industry is struggling to get out of its slump. Unlike powerboats, whose engines wear out and where style changes are frequent, sailboats tend to last longer.

Inside The Sordid World Of Superyachts – Marie Claire

According to a 2018 survey into sexual harassment in the industry from the Professional Yachting Association, 40 per cent of respondents said they had been the recipient of unwanted physical

How to sneak into a Bored Ape Yacht Club party – The Verge

During New York’s NFT week, the Bored Ape Yacht Club held a warehouse party at Brooklyn Steel. Admittance was only allowed to members who owned a Bored Ape NFT, which usually goes for hundreds

The Truth About Below Deck Med's Malia White –

Malia White made history as the first female bosun on the Below Deck franchise. She hadn’t worked on yachts prior to boarding the Sirocco as a deckhand for season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean, but she used the time since then to work her way up in the intensely competitive industry. As noted by Vulture, it was leading lady Captain Sandy Yawn who inspired White to follow her dreams.

Australia – Crew Pacific

PLEASE NOTE: These “Rates” are samples of current industry level standards and have been compiled by industry experts and are subject to change without notification. “Rates” may also vary up or down depending on the specific qualification and experience of the crew -member and the operation status of the yacht, whether private or “Charter” and itinerary of the yacht and other

Become a Travel Agent – Dream Vacations Franchise

Travel agents get the benefit of working from home and setting their own schedules, and they get to enjoy the incredible perks of travel and flight benefits that come along with the industry. Dream Vacations franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds and find unique things to love about the job.

How To Get A Job On A Cruise Ship – Zero to Travel

Get ready to have your mind totally blown – into the water that is – because for cruise ship crew members, getting paid to visit ports around the globe is just one of the MANY perks of cruise ship jobs. It’s not all walking on white sand beaches and sipping on $1 cervezas, though that does happen quite a bit.

How to Start a Yacht Charter Business: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Get financing for your business if you don’t have the funds readily available. Not only will you need to purchase or charter a yacht, but you have other set-up and ongoing expenses you need to cover. You will have office expenses to take care of and bills to pay. You may also have a staff to pay.

‎MOCEAN COMMUNITY on the App Store

MOCEAN is a free professional networking platform for the yachting industry. Use MOCEAN to build or grow your professional network, explore new opportunities, exchange ideas, seek and share advice, or simply stay informed on the industry around you. -Easily apply with your resume, a personalized message, and contact details right through the app.

The Untold Truth Of Below Deck's Captain Sandy –

Below Deck’s Captain Sandy Yawn made major waves when she climbed aboard spin-off show Below Deck: Mediterranean in Season 2.As one of only a handful of female yachting captains in the industry, Yawn, who is a native of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., started off at an immediate disadvantage upon joining the crew.

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