How do you remove the top of a metal chimney?

How do you remove the top of a metal chimney?

Pull straight up on the chimney cap to remove it. Remove a stuck chimney cap by placing the flat end of the pry bar between the chimney cap and chimney. Pry outward to bend the edge of the chimney cap out. Repeat the removal process until the cap lets loose.

Can you pipe wood stove through wall?

Stove pipes should never be installed or run through walls, ceilings or floors.

What’s the trick to putting stove pipe together?

Snap Pieces Together Push down and in on both sides of the stove pipe seam until you hear a loud snap. Move along the seam while maintaining inward and downward pressure on the pipe. Ensure you hear the loud snap as you move along the seam.

What is the difference between stove pipe and chimney pipe?

Stove pipe is usually painted black and is used in the interior on the home until you transition through a wall or ceiling then class A chimney pipe is used thereon. Stove pipe, black pipe, single wall pipe all refer to the same thing.2012-03-01

Should stove pipe be screwed together?

Yes. Screwing sections of black stove pipe together adds an extra margin of safety and is generally required by most building codes.2012-03-01

How do you remove a wood stove pipe?

To disconnect chimney pipes, locate the first pipe connection. You should see screws or rivets on the bottom or “female” pipe end, which holds the top or “male” pipe end in place. Using a screwdriver or ratchet wrench, loosen the screws or rivets. Locate the second pipe connection and do the same.

How do you seal a stove pipe to a chimney?

One end of the chimney pipe will be crimped and this is where you’ll slide the stove pipe over, pressing them together firmly. Next, you’ll just need to drill through the sheet metal with the right drill bit, placing a self-tapping screw against the stove pipe’s overlap to secure it.

Can I use single wall pipe for wood stove?

You need to look carefully at the wood stove manufacturer’s requirements, but most wood stoves need a large draft to operate correctly and loss of heat through a single wall pipe causes too much loss of draft as well as creosote problems eventually leading to a chimney fire, if you can manage to keep your stove lit.2015-09-21

Can you use single wall stove pipe in a chimney?

Single-Wall Stove Pipe Single-Wall pipe is a great option if you want to extract the maximum amount of heat that gets lost up in your chimney as possible. Single-wall pipe also comes in a variety of sizes. You can install single-wall pipe to a chimney with a 6″, 7″, 8″ or 10″ diameter.2020-09-24

Do you need an insulated pipe for a chimney?

There is never a requirement for insulating a chimney liner for a gas or oil burning appliance like there is for wood stoves. However, insulating a chimney liner for a gas appliance will help the draft to ensure that your appliances are venting properly.2021-06-10

Do you need insulated pipe for wood stove?

Insulated flue is essential if you’re using a woodburning stove that’s fitted in a small space or a permanent building.

Can you use galvanized pipe for wood stove?

Galvanized pipe does not belong in wood heat period. Welding makes extremely high temperatures which will vaporize zinc. You never want to use metal in the parts of a RMH that can get to those temps anyway, and heating the galvanized duct to the point of converting the zinc to a stable form is safe enough.2015-01-19

Can you use stove pipe for chimney?

Black pipe is not chimney pipe and should only be used up to the point of penetrating the ceiling or wall. From that point on class A chimney pipe is required. Black single wall stove pipe has a clearance to combustibles of 18” (double-wall black pipe has a clearance of 6″) whereas class A chimney pipe is generally 2”.2012-03-01

What do you seal stove pipe with?

Use stove pipe cement or caulking material rated for use with a wood stove. The cement must be able to withstand high temperatures. Clean the area with a wire brush prior to sealing to remove any rust or debris.

What type of pipe do you need for a wood burning stove?

Class A chimney pipe

Buck Stove Chimney Products | at

Venting your Buck wood stove or fireplace with quality Buck Stove chimney products has never been more convenient, thanks to the comprehensive inventory found here. These high quality termination components are a testament to the manufacturing pride Buck has and their intent to provide quality hearth appliances you can use for years to come.

Buck Stove, New Buck Corp – Home

Buck Stove Products FEATURED NEW ITEM MODEL T-33 The stylish contemporary look of the premier T33 is sure to be the focal point of any room. This original design offers smooth curves and arches accentuated with straight-line bars in the door, open to the flame inside creating a warm and comfy atmosphere, offering up to 32,000 BTUs.

Buck Stove 6 Inch Chimney Connector – For Model 18, 20, 81

The Buck Stove 6 Inch Chimney Connector is specially made for ease of use with your model 18, 20, 81, and 85 stoves. Included in this chimney connector is the inherent ability implied by its title.

Old Buck chimney pipe size – Forums Home

Buck has a couple new insert that requires 8 inch also. I have a 25 foot tall chimney and my draft works great. In the back of my mine I’m thinking if I knew the draft was going to be like this I could have went with 6 inch. This is my first year heating with wood and its great. In fact right now my wife is back up to the stove.

Chimney Pipe and Chimney Liners –

Chimney Pipe for Sale If you need help getting started with chimney pipe, look at the schematics below and choose which installation type fits your job. As always, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us if you have questions or if you are unsure on exactly what wood stove chimney pipe you need. We are here to help you! Call 800-472-6728.

Wood Stove Pipe Kits | Chimney Pipe Kits & Parts

Install Stove Pipe, Chimney Pipe and Chimney Kits and more – Discount Chimney Supply, Inc. Stove pipe is used to make a final interior connection between the chimney or chimney kit to the appliance. It is not made to pass through walls and does not have proper fittings available to construct a full chimney setup.

Buck Stove Parts Archives –

Buck Stove Model 18 (9) Buck Stove Model 20 (7) Buck Stove Model 21 (4) Buck Stove Model 26000 (28) Buck Stove Model 27000 (27) Buck Stove Model 28000 (28) Buck Stove Model 51 (2) Buck Stove Model 74 (1) Buck Stove Model 80 (2) Buck Stove Model 81 (1) Buck Stove Model 85 (1) Buck Stove Model 91 (5)

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8" Cast Chimney Connector/Collar –

Chimney/Pipe Hearth Accessories Diagrams/Manuals Home / Wood Stove Parts / Buck Stove Parts / Buck Stove Model 91 / 8″ Cast Chimney Connector/Collar 8″ Cast Chimney Connector/Collar $120.00 Buck cast chimney connector. Use when connecting pipe to top of Buck Stove. In stock 8″ Cast Chimney Connector/Collar quantity Add to cart

Buck Stack –

Description. Specify Regular or Big. Stack for freestanding transition to. 8-inch pipe. Little (26000) & Regular (27000) Buck. use 3 1/2″ x 14″. Big Buck (28000) uses 3 1/2″ x 18″. Gasket & mounting hardware included. This item not intended for use with fireplace insert.

Regular Buck Stove Stack for 26000 & 27000 – Hechler's

Regular Buck Stove Stack for 26000 & 27000 $ 175.00 8″ ROUND TO RECTANGULAR Stack For Little Buck (Model 26000) & Regular Buck (Model 27000) (13 3/4″ x 3 1/4″ opening) FA260421 Comes with bolts and gasket Stack is 12″ tall This stack is used to adapt the rectangular opening, 3-1/4 x 13-3/4″ on the top of the Buck stove to 8″ round stove pipe.

Stove & Chimney Pipes at Tractor Supply Co.

To view pricing. To make purchases online. To check availability of Pickup In Store items and Delivery Services. Notice: Changing your store affects your localized pricing and pickup locations to new items added to cart. Any items already in your cart may change price. Any new items added to your cart as Pickup In Store will be sent to the new

8 Inch Diameter Chimney & Fireplace Venting

Buck Stove 8 Inch Chimney Connector – For Model 80, 91, and 94NC Wood Stoves Metal-Fab Type B Round Chimney Pipe Tee – 8 Inch Inner Diameter Selkirk DSP For Wood Burning Stoves Double-Wall Black Stovepipe to SuperPro Factory-Built Chimney Adaptor – 8-Inch Diameter

Model 91 – Buck Stove, New Buck Corp


How the Buck Stove Damper Works – Hunker

The manual chimney damper for your fireplace is used to close off the chimney during the off season to prevent birds and animals from getting inside. The bypass damper on the Buck stoves directs smoke through the catalytic combustor or past it, depending on the temperature of the fire. Buck Stove Damper Problems

Chimney Parts & Components for Chimney – Stove Parts

VSB07WTC – 7″ Ventis Single-Wall Black Stove Pipe 22 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel, Wall Trim Collar. Our Price: $32.54. VSB08WTC – 8″ Ventis Single-Wall Black Stove Pipe 22 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel, Wall Trim Collar. Our Price: $32.71. VA-CSA05 – 5″ Ventis Class-A All Fuel Chimney, 304L Stainless Spark Arrestor Screen.

New Buck Chimney Repair | Stoves, Masonry Repair and

Your Professional Chimney Sweep! The New Buck Family – Keeping You Safe & Warm Since 1980! More than one-third of Americans use fireplaces, wood stoves and other fuel-fired appliances as primary heat sources in their homes. Heating fires account for 36% of residential home fires in rural areas every year.

Pipe – Chimney/Stove – England's Woodstove Store

You can contact our sister company, Professional Chimney Sweeps, to install the flues OR Do-it-yourself with the easy to use instruction manual that comes with it. Stove Pipe: we stock two kinds of stove pipe. Simpson Dura-Vent 24 Ga. Single wall pipe and Ventis Black 22 Ga. Heavy Duty Single wall stove pipe. Home Products Accessories Services – Buck Stove Motor & Blower | Buck Stove

We specialize in Buck Stove parts and offer a large selection of stove parts for many other wood stove models both old and new. TEC Infrared grills and Metal-Fab chimney pipe round out our product line, making the place to shop for wood heating and outdoor cooking. How We Do Business

Class-A Chimney Pipe – Stove Parts

VSB0706 – 7″ X 6″ Ventis Single-Wall Black Stove Pipe 22 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel. Our Price: $27.29. VA-CPEC05 – 5″ Ventis Class-A All Fuel Chimney, 316L Stainless Pipe End Cap. Our Price: $27.92. VA-CSA06 – 6″ Ventis Class-A All Fuel Chimney, 304L Stainless Spark Arrestor Screen. Our Price: $28.65.

Buck Stove Wood Stoves –

Buck Stove (6) Refine by Brand: Buck Stove. Price. $1000 – $2500 (1) Refine by Price: $1000 – $2500. $2500 – $5000 (5) Refine by Price: $2500 – $5000. Save to List. Customization Options. Starting at. $3,708.00. Buck Stoves Model ZC74 Wood Stove Insert by Buck Stove.

Chimney Fireplace Services-Shreveport LA-New Buck Chimney

Chimney Sweep, Inspection, Repair And More – Shreveport, Louisiana’s ONLY CSIA- Certified Sweep with Over 20 Years Experience! New Buck Chimney Services is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and is the only Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) -certified sweep in the Shreveport, Louisiana area with over twenty years experience.

A1 Chimey Service Beavercreek,Kettering, Centerville,

What we offer. Fireplace cleaning. Chimney cleaning. Concrete cap repair. Buck stove installation. Furnace and hot water flues. Dryer vent cleaning. Certified video inspections. Stainless steel liners.

Buck stove insert – GON Forum

Jan 7, 2010. #1. Bought a Buck stove model 91 insert today for less than half price. I have always had a wood burning stove in my house, but it is just sitting in my chimney with the metal panels around it, no pipe or liner. The guy I bought the stove from said the I should have a stainless steel liner even in my masonry chimney.

Pipe – England's Woodstove Store

Search for: Search Button Home. Products. Wood Stoves. Buck Stoves; Englander; Blaze King; Pacific Energy; Pellet Stoves

PDF The following manual is for the 80ZC cabinet ONLY. If you

designed solely for housing the BUCK STOVE Hodel 80. SELECTING A CHIMNEY INSTALLATION AND LOCATION There are two basic types of chimney installations possible with the Hodel 80 ZC Cabinet. Straight up through a ceiling, and chase installation, either outside or inside. These are normally used as follol1s: ~=::r=–Chimney Cap-.-•.. Storm Collar

VDB08LT – 8" Ventis Double-Wall Black Stove Pipe, Large

Obadiah’s Parts & Accessories offers everything you need! Replacement parts for your pellet or gas stove, chimney pipe, fireplace tools we have it all.

Black Stove Pipe for Wood Stoves | Single or Double Wall

Rock-Vent is the best black chimney stove pipe in the industry. It uses a high-grade cold rolled steel and is laser welded. This perfectly constructed pipe creates a fume-free system for your home, and a perfect fitting joint for fast, easy installation.

Chimney Pipe and Stove Pipes for Every Application

Rock-Vent Pellet Chimney Pipe is used to safely vent your pellet burning stove or B-Vent listed appliance. U.L. listed with a 1″ clearance to combustibles by ULC/ORD-C441. Our pellet chimney pipe is fabricated with a unique gasket seal system which doesn’t require sealant like many other brands on the market today.

How the Buck Stove Damper Works – Hunker

Using the Buck Stove Damper. The damper should be fully opened when initially starting a fire in a cold stove. This directs smoke up the flue and protects the catalytic combustor from direct contact with flames. As soon as the fire reaches the light-off temperature (700 to 900 degrees F) to operate the catalytic combustor, the damper is closed

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Chimney Pipe installation for wood burning stove – YouTube

Installing a chimney pipe for my wood burning stove

Ventis chimney pipe at Obadiah's Woodstoves. – Stove Parts

VSB0706 – 7″ X 6″ Ventis Single-Wall Black Stove Pipe 22 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel. Our Price: $27.29. VA-CPEC05 – 5″ Ventis Class-A All Fuel Chimney, 316L Stainless Pipe End Cap. Our Price: $27.92. VA-CSA06 – 6″ Ventis Class-A All Fuel Chimney, 304L Stainless Spark Arrestor Screen. Our Price: $28.65.

Planning Your Chimney Pipe & Stove Pipe Installation

Chimney Planning Step 2. Determine the number of Chimney Pipe lengths required.The chimney must extend at least 3 feet above the highest point where it passes through the roof, and be at least 2 foot higher than any part of the building within a horizontal distance of 10 feet (Figure 2).

How to Seal a Stovepipe | Home Guides | SF Gate

Before sealing the pipe and using the wood stove for winter, clean the pipe of any creosote buildup, nests or debris. Insert a long-handled chimney brush into the stovepipe from the roof and twist

Stove & Chimney Pipes for sale | eBay

DuraVent Pellet Vent 3″ Chimney Stove Pipe Tee With Clean-Out Cap (9) Total Ratings 9. 100% agree – Good value. $49.99 New. Selkirk 208148 Double Wall Insulated Chimney Pipe (6) Total Ratings 6. 100% agree – Would recommend. $251.02 New. Selkirk 206036 Sure-Temp Insulated Chimney Pipe buck stove

PMNY Wood Burning Stove, Hot Tent Stove Kit with Chimney Pipes, Side Racks and View Window, Multipurpose Camping Stove for Tent, Shelter, Heating and Cooking 4.1 out of 5 stars 35 $175.99 $ 175 . 99 $198.99 $198.99

Buck Stove Model 74 – Chimneys Plus

The Model 74 is a non-catalytic wood burning stove designed to meet the most stringent emissions standards without the use of a catalytic combustor. The 74 delivers heavy duty heat performance and is available as a masonry and pre-fab fireplace insert or freestanding unit. Our Model 74 has a BTU rating of 40,900 and can heat up to 2600 square feet.

Buck Stove 27000 – Forums Home

Feb 9, 2014. #1. I recently got a Buck stove 26000 or 27000 not sure exactly which one. My question Is about installation, the manual says to install it into fireplace and seal with faceplate and use existing box and chimney for venting. I know this is an old stove and manual and am wondering if I need to install 8″ SS piping up the existing

Buck Stove Model 74 Non-Catalytic Wood Stove

This stove pipe has a .016 in. stainless steel inner wall and an .018 in. aluminized steel outer wall, and easily joins with other Dura-Vent DVL black stovepipe products. This stove pipe also reduces clearance to combustibles to 6 in. for walls, and 8 in. for ceilings and comes with a 25 year warranty.

Black Stove Pipe at Menards®

Compare “Selkirk Black Stove Vent Pipe” with other items on the compare list. Compare. Compare “Selkirk Black Stove Vent Pipe” with other items in your compare list. Add To List. Add Selkirk Black Stove Vent Pipe to your list. Sku # 6372004. $45.29.

Gas Stove Chimney Pipe –

Gas Stove Chimney Pipe. Compatibility of venting pipe is manufacturer specific and should follow the installation instructions of both the pipe and the stove, fireplace or insert. If you need assistance in choosing your gas stove chimney parts please send an email to [email protected] including stove MAKE, MODEL & SERIAL NUMBER. Sort by.

How To Install Chimney And Stove Pipe For A Wood Stove

We install our new wood burning stove and show you how to put all the pieces together. From the assembly of the stove pipe to the attic box installation and

Buck Stove Model 74 ZC | Raleigh NC | Chimneys Plus

The Model 74 ZC will save the expense of a masonry fireplace while enjoying all the warmth and efficiency of a Buck Stove. Our Model 74 ZC non-catalytic unit features a factory installed variable speed blower as standard equipment. This unit is Washington and Oregon state approved. Our Model 74 has a BTU rating of 40,900 and can heat up to 2600

DuraTech Chimney Pipe – Stove Parts

6″ Duratech Firestop Radiation Shield Duratech 0 – 3/12 Roof Support Trim Collar 9648A 8″ Duratech 4 – 6/12 Roof Support Trim Collar 9648B

Selkirk Chimney Pipe – Stove Pipe – Northline Express

Selkirk Chimney Pipe – The Selkirk Chimney System, formerly known as MetalBest is ideal for venting residential heating appliances burning wood, #2 oil, and natural and LP gas.They have been specifically designed for today’s modern, high-efficiency “airtight” wood stoves. SuperPro Chimney Pipe – Double-wall, all-fuel chimney system for use with wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers

Buck Stove Model 21 | Wood Fireplace | Chimneys Plus

Versatile. Model 21 can be used as a fireplace insert with optional insert kit, pre-fab insert, or as freestanding unit with optional Queen Anne legs. With a heating range of 800 to 1800 square feet, the Model 21 is an ideal choice for zone heating or small homes.

Wood Stoves, Tec Grills, Chimney Pipe

Buck stove, tec grills, buck stove parts, Wood stove chimney pipe, Wood stove parts, Chimney pipe and Free standing wood stoves at very reasonable prices.

Need a Rectangle to Round Adapter – Forums Home

3. Canton NC. . #1. I recently bought a house and the previous owner left a wood burning stove in the basement. There is a rectangle to round adapter that comes off of the stove to the 8″ flue pipe that has multiple holes along the base that needs to be replaced. I’ve search the internet and cannot find a new one.

Model 91 – Buck Stove, New Buck Corp

Model 91. The Model 91 catalytic is our most popular selling wood stove. Used as a masonry fireplace insert, or freestanding, this unit easily accepts 21″ logs and heats up to 3200 square feet with an astonishing 10,400-62,745 BTUs per hour. Features include a factory-installed blower, high-efficiency heat exchange, ash removal tray, and

Buck Stove Model 21 Wood Insert With Blower – Up To 1800

The Buck Stove Model 21 is an efficient zone heating stove/insert that is also capable of heating smaller homes. The Model 21 can be installed into an existing fireplace with a face-plate kit or be utilized as a freestanding stove by choosing one of the leg kits This unit provides 41,200 BTU’s and can heat 800 to 1,800 square feet.

Wood Stove Piping – Chimney Liners and Accessories

Double wall is reduced to 6″. Class A Chimney pipe is used in new installations to exhaust a wood stove out through the wall or up through the ceiling. A proper chimney system provides proper draft and flow to the smoke leaving the stove. This equates to to your stove burning more efficiently. You get more heat from less wood.

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Wood Stoves – Buck Stove, New Buck Corp

Model 21NC. Model 74 is a non-catalytic wood-burning stove designed to meet the most stringent emissions standards without the use of a catalytic combustor. Model 74 has a BTU rating of up to 52,400 and can heat up to 2600 square feet. The 74 delivers heavy-duty heat performance and is available as a masonry and pre-fab fireplace insert as well

Black Stove Pipe – Wood Stove Pipe |

7″ Metal-Fab Single Wall Black Stove Pipe Components by Metal-Fab. Item #M63500018. Save to List. Customization Options. Select Your Parts. 6″ Diameter DuraVent DVL Double-Wall Stove Pipe Components by DuraVent. 5 out of 5 Customer Rating. (2) Item #M25900019.

Stove Pipe

6″ DuraBlack Single Wall Black Pipe – 48″. Our Price: $57.47. 10″ DuraBlack Double Skirted Stovetop Adapter. Our Price: $58.78. 8″ DuraBlack Slip Increaser 6″-8″. Our Price: $59.53. 6″ DuraBlack Single Wall Black Pipe – 48″. 10″ DuraBlack Double Skirted Stovetop Adapter.

Wood Stove Pipe Connectors – Stove & Grill Parts For Less

Wood Stove Pipe Parts & Wood Stove Pipe Connectors At Super Low Prices! We carry a wide variety of wood stove pipe including Single and Double Walled Pipe, Flex Pipe, and Chimney Pipe! Get free shipping on all orders over $199 within the continental USA and a no hassle 30 day return policy. Order Now Online & Save Big!

Little John – New Buck Chimney Sweeps

The Newest member of our wood stove family, the Little John packs a punch when it comes to heat. Little John also tested with close clearance shields and double wall pipe. *** The Little John Wood Stove is exempt from emissions under Method 28 of the U.S. EPA Emissions Certification. Location. New Buck Chimney LLC Hours: 10:00 am to 6 pm

how to properly install a chimney pipe – YouTube

In this video I will show you how to properly install a chimney pipe and explain why.#kevinrobinson6688 #InstallChimneyPipe #ChimneyPipeSELKIRK DSP8TL 8″ Tel

Buck Stove Model 74 ZC Zero Clearance Wood Stove – Buy

The Buck Stove Model 74 ZC provides up to 40,900 BTU’s and can heat 1,500 to 2,600 square feet making this model perfect for your new construction or remodeling project. The Model 74 ZC includes a shell that allows the fireplace to be installed into a wood framed cavity; saving on the costs of a masonry fireplace while adding increased heat output and efficiency.

Buck Stove Model 91 Insert – Hearth, Stove & Patio

Buck Stove Model 91 catalytic insert is our most popular selling wood stove. Used as a masonry fireplace insert, or freestanding – this unit easily accepts 21″ logs and heats up to 3200 square feet with an astonishing 50,400 BTU’s per hour. Features include a factory installed blower, high efficiency heat exchanger, ash removal tray and

Cleaning the chimney on our wood burning stove. – YouTube

The weather forecast is calling for lows dipping down into the 20’s starting in a few days. That means it’s time to start getting the wood stove ready for w

Double Door Set | Buck | Wood and Coal Stove Parts

Buck Stove Double Door Set. SKU: PA 500027. View Larger Image. This is a replacement of the double door assembly for many of the Buck wood and coal stoves but may fit on other manufacturers. Measurements: 6 1/2″ x 9″. Part # PA 500027. PA 500027.

Drolet Atlas Wood Burning Cookstove –

This chimney pipe strap adjusts to provide 2 in. to 6 in. of clearance and is intended to be used with 6 in. inner diameter chimney pipe. Made of tough and durable galvanized steel construction, these components are tested and listed for use with 2100 degress F HT chimney system, such as wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, ranges, water

Buck Stove Stacks –

Buck Stove Stacks. SKU: FA 260421. View Larger Image. Buck Stove Stacks, part # FA 260421. Buck stove stack adapter. Gasket and mounting screws included. Color Black. Measurements: 4-1/2″ x 14-7/8″. Diameter: 8″.

10" Stove Pipe – Single Wall Black Pipe – Northline Express

10” DuraBlack Double-Skirted Stovetop Adapter – 10DBK-ADDB. $52.90. Single wall black stove pipe is used from the top of the woodstove or freestanding fireplace to the bottom of the ceiling or wall where it will connect to class-A chimney pipe or a masonry chimney. Dura-Black is a mid-grade stove pipe at 24 ga. steel.

Buck Stove –

800-968-8604 Toll Free 406-300-1776 Local 888-317-0987 Fax Email: [email protected] Hours 8 am – 5 pm (Mountain time). Monday thru Friday

chimney cover plate installation – Biggish Blogging Photo

Chimney cover plate installation. A chimney chase cover is a chimney cover that fits on top of the chase. Chimney flue cover plate Because chimneys poke out of the window is not an option a wood burning stove requires fuel oil or other tools with the capacity to produce heat more than 1500 degrees F.

How to Choose Stove Pipe Thicknesses | Home Guides | SF Gate

Single-wall stove pipe is used on standard wood stove installations. According to, it should be at least 24-gauge sheet metal or thicker — the lower the gauge, the thicker the metal

Pellet Stove Chimney Pipe –

Compatibility of venting pipe is manufacturer specific and should follow the installation instructions of both the pipe and the stove, fireplace or insert. Pellet stove chimney system diagrams White Metal Pellet & Vent FittingsIf you need assistance in choosing your pellet stove chimney parts please send an email t

Accessories – England's Woodstove Store

Hearth Rugs Fire Screens Fire Grates Tool Sets Log Carriers Log Holders Gasket Furnace Cement Glass Cleaner Stove Pipe Etc.

6'' HomeSaver UltraPro Cast Iron Insert Boot

The Insert Boot fits most inserts and is designed to cover the opening of the insert and adapt to HomeSaver round flex. Specifications: Diameter: 6″. Outside base: 10 1/8″ wide x 15 3/8″ long x 5 3/8 high. Inner dimensions: 9 1/8″ wide x 14 3/4″ long. Construction material: Cast iron.

Buck Stove Model 91 | Authorized Alabama Dealer

Heath Chimney is an Authorized Alabama Dealer of the Buck Stove Model 91 wood burning insert. This model can be used as a fireplace insert or a freestanding unit. Features. **Model 91 is tested with only double wall pipe.

Wood Stove Chimney Pipe – Page 2 –

Compatibility of stove pipe is manufacturer specific and should follow the installation instructions of both the pipe and the stove, fireplace or insert. More wood stove chimney system diagrams. White Metal parts list If you need assistance in choosing your wood stove chimney parts please send an email to [email protected]

Buck Stove manuals –

Buck stove manuals are available to help troubleshoot, operate and find replacement parts. Don’t see the stove manual you need for your Buck stove? Send any questions to [email protected] and include the make, model and serial number of stove.

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