How long does micro cement last?

How long does micro cement last?

The shelf life of microcement is 6 months (products stored in a closed package).

What do you put on concrete shower floor?

The most common technique is to apply multiple coats of a penetrating sealer like a water-based polyurethane. Fautch uses epoxies or two-part polyurethanes, sometimes both — epoxy as primer with polyurethane on top.

Can you Microcement a bathtub?

Microcement is very pleasant to the touch. That is why it is increasingly being used for microcement bathtubs. There are a wide variety of finishes that can be applied to this bathroom space: smooth, rough, glossy, matt and which can also incorporate the anti-slip finish to improve safety.2020-12-29

Can concrete be used as a finished shower floor?

Concrete is perfectly adequate, if not recommended, for use as the shower pan base for materials such as stone, tile or mosaic tile to be used as the finish surface (as long as there is a proper membrane between the concrete and any vulnerable surrounding material).2015-02-25

Do you need a shower pan liner on a concrete floor?

If you plan to lay tile on your shower floor, you will need a special shower pan. Otherwise, the tray will not hold up to the tiling process. You should also keep in mind that tiling directly onto the concrete subfloor is not a good idea.2021-10-08

How do you seal a Microcement?

The best microcement sealers are two-component polyurethane sealers. Directly before varnishing, either mix the entire contents of the kit or in the case of large surfaces measure the appropriate amount of varnish and hardener that is needed to cover the entire surface.

Do you need to waterproof a concrete shower floor?

Of course, proper sealing is critical for protecting the beauty of any concrete piece, but it is absolutely essential for wet areas like tubs and showers. The most common technique is to apply multiple coats of a penetrating sealer like a water-based polyurethane.

Can Microcement get wet?

Yes, you can. Microcement is suitable for wet areas. If properly sealed it is completely stain and water resistant.

What is micro cement?

Microcement, also known as micro-screed, micro-concrete or micro-topping is a cement and polymer-based coating which is thinly applied to floors, walls and in some cases joinery in residential and commercial environments to create a concrete look.2020-04-07

What is the difference between micro concrete and micro cement?

So, what is the difference between microcement and micro concrete? Basically, it’s in the thickness of the products. Micro cement is thinner. In general, microcements are applied at between 0.8 1mm per coat (typical application will be 2 3 coats but some products may require as many as 6 layers).2017-10-16

Is Microcement smooth?

Microcement Textures – Our Microcement comes in two different textures, Natural grain and fine grain. Natural grain gives a slighly more authentic concrete appearance with some pitting and porosity. Fine grain on the other hand gives a completely smooth finish, resembling a highly polished surface.

Is concrete shower base good?

Durability And Longevity Aside from resilience against water damage, concrete has been proven to be durable. It can withstand abrasions, chemical exposure, and weathering elements.

Is micro cement durable?

Microcement is very durable and resistant Unlike other coatings, microcement stands out as a very durable material that does not crack. Its properties are not lost with the passage of time, but it continues to be a coating that is highly resistant to traffic, knocks, scratches and sunlight, among many others.

Does Microcements scratch?

MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING THE MICROCEMENT Both scratches and dirt are common in these weeks. It is recommended during this period to take special care of the pavement to avoid damage. Once this period has passed, the material has hardened.

Is Microconcrete waterproof?

Summary. Microcement is waterproof and durable, but it needs to be applied correctly to achieve its complete waterproofing properties. The microcement is applied in several layers, with the addition of a sealant, to achieve that it is fully waterproof and sealed.

Can a Microcement crack?

Unlike other coatings, microcement stands out as a very durable material that does not crack. Its properties are not lost with the passage of time, but it continues to be a coating that is highly resistant to traffic, knocks, scratches and sunlight, among many others.

Microcement in bathrooms: Everything you need to know

Microcement is one of the most widely-used materials in the construction world today and one of the most popular trends in bathrooms. This material is made from fibres, resins, polymers and aggregates. It stands out for being able to be pigmented with any colour tone, as well as having several finishes: matt, glossy, smooth and textured.

Microcement Bathrooms | Advice, Info & Everything You Need

Microcement is a perfect option to use in a shower. In fact, you can use it for your basin, bathtub or any bathroom furniture. It will need to be properly sealed to protect it from any water damage. However, its unique texture can create a range of great anti-slip finishes. Perfect for wet rooms, shower enclosures or shower trays.

Microcement in the bathroom: a trendy material for 2022

Microcement in bathroom is anti-slip Moisture due to condensation and water in the bathroom can cause slips and falls. A problem that is avoided by applying microcement in the bathroom. Depending on the finish given to the flooring, the varnish with which it is sealed, and the type of microcement used, the floor acquires this property.

Microcement bathrooms | MyRevest

The microcement bathroom provides a functional surface that is waterproof and resistant to wear and tear caused by high temperatures. It combines perfectly with the furniture and the rest of the materials. This microcement bathroom perfectly demonstrates the advantages of applying this cladding in such a personal room.

Microcement Bathrooms – Relentless Microcement

Buy The UK’s Leading Microcement Bathroom Kit DIY Microcement Kit for High Stucco Walls & Wet Rooms Easy to use Microcement Kit for DIY’ers. The microcement surface coat is pre-mixed with colour and resin for added ease. Step-by-step instructions included. More colours available, see all colour options.

Microcement Bathroom Ideas & Photos – Houzz

Browse 727 microcement bathroom on Houzz You have searched for Microcement Bathroom Ideas and this page displays the best picture matches we have for Microcement Bathroom Ideas in April 2022. Houzz has millions of beautiful photos from the world’s top designers, giving you the best design ideas for your dream remodel or simple room refresh.

DIY concrete bathroom walls with Microcement – Jenna Sue

How to apply microcement Step 1: Surface preparation. Microcement can be applied to any clean, sound surface including painted or primed drywall (smooth or textured), cement board or existing concrete walls. Our bathroom walls had both painted/textured drywall, and new cement board where the old tiled walls had been removed.

Why Using Microcement In The Bathroom Is A Good Idea

Microcement bathroom is an easy to clean, scratch-free, and aesthetically pleasing finishing choice. So if you’re avoiding DIY, do not have any hesitation; use Microcement. Microcement offers a variety of showers and will give you what you’re looking for to get from your bathroom remodeling. Tags: bathroom, concrete, microcement

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Why using microcement and concrete in the bathroom is a

Why using microcement and concrete in the bathroom is a great idea Architectural concrete seems to have been created for use in the bathroom. It will successfully replace the tiles, it is also much cheaper and easier to install than natural stone.

Microcement® – Microcement

MicroCement is a continous high quality cement and quartz based lining colored with minimum thickness (0.3inch) mixt with polimers, fibers and colors which provide an excelent smoth finish with no joints. Due to its finish and the wide range of colors, the microcement facilitates the creation of unique spaces.

Microcement – White bathroom

Microcement is an ideal, modern bathroom solution. Microcement is not afraid of water, mold and fungi. It is used in the manufacture of walls, floors, showers, cast it into the bowls of bathrooms and sinks. It is used to make furniture-countertops, shelves. It is suitable for applying to Underfloor heating.

Microcement Store | Online Shop – Homecret

There are many types of microcement, but at Homecret you will find top quality products designed to offer the best solution for each space in your home. Uses and applications You will fall in love with our bathrooms and kitchens Natural terraces Eternal floors Zen pools + Quick View Ready to apply Snow White 8,48 € – 19,78 € (NOT Incl. VAT) +

Microcement bathroom: the most inspiring luxury | Blog

Microcement bathroom with white walls, tiled floor and three small windows. 2. For all styles White walls are equal to purity, peace and serenity. It is the colour that fits perfectly to a microcement bathroom for all styles. Its versatility and the effect of luminosity that cast to any rooms have made it an essential decorative coating.

The Advantages of Microcement Bathrooms | Pinoy ePlans

There are several benefits of the microcement bathroom. Below are some of them. Protection from ecological humidity One more of the most remarkable benefits of using microcement in a bathroom is its phenomenal protection from natural moistness. The restroom is a region that experiences this kind of consistent stickiness.

Microcement industrial bathroom ideas

Click here to read why using microcement and concrete in the bathroom is a great idea. FAQ 1. Can I use the microcement FESTFLOOR Life in the bathroom? Yes, you can. Microcement is suitable for wet areas. If properly sealed it is completely stain and water resistant. 2. Can I use the FESTFLOOR Life to make bath enclosure?

DIY Microcement Kit for Bathrooms & Wet Rooms

Contains everything you need to complete a 100% waterproof, seamless, wet room. This kit contains everything that a DIYer will need to complete a microcement wet room from start to finish. It includes fibre glass mesh for strength, a choice of primers – one for absorbent surfaces and one for non-absorbent surfaces.

Micro Concrete: 5 Things You Need to Know – Living Concrete

Micro concrete – sometimes called microconcrete or MicroConcrete – is a great option for bathrooms, kitchens as it provides a hygienic, and stain free surface. What is more, the material is anti-slip and mould free – making it a fantastic choice for floor surfaces inside and out. It’s similar to another material called microcement.

Microcement bathrooms | Microcement Aesthetics

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, or are installing a new bathroom in your home or business premises, microcement bathrooms and wet rooms are an increasingly popular choice, and for good reason! Offering a superb blend of style and practicality, microcement wet rooms and bathrooms are functional, attractive and a cost-effective option.

What is Microcement? Uses, application, types, colours and

Microcement is a perfect decorative coating to renovate the bathroom, especially because of its resistance to moisture and how easy it is to clean. Take a look at all the microcement bathrooms that are possible with Topciment microcements in our gallery or read our article of microcement bathrooms .

Microcement Bathroom Price – discover the factors that

Microcement bathroom In order to calculate the price per square meter of microcement, the first thing we will obviously need is the surface. At this point we must decide where we want to apply microcement, if it is on the walls, the shower area, on the floor, or on the entire surface.


Micro cement is a 2mm cement based coating which you can put on most materials and create seamless floors and walls, it’s super durable, waterproof and lightweight, which is one of the highlights of this material. Carament offers packages which includes everything you need which makes it very easy.

Microcement & Polished plaster specialists | Bath Microcement

Bathrooms and wetrooms Micocement Floors Microcement colours Martin has been working in the building industy for over thirty years, specialising in plastering. He discovered Microcement whilst working on commerical projects in Spain and has since brought his knowleage back to the UK and now working on projects in The South West.

Microcement shower, tiled floor – the finished bathroom

I finally got around to applying and sealing the cement shower and tiled the bathroom, and still managed to find time for a visit to one of Italy’s most beau

Microcementbathrooms – Microcement – London, England

microcement microconcrete polished concrete. We are a London Based company specialising in Microcement. Collectively as a team we have over 40 years experience in micro cement finishes & offer a supply and install service of the highest standard.

DIY Microcement on tiles in our bathroom walls. – NORDIC LAURA

A new project. I researched on how to apply microcement over tiled walls and I thought that it seemed quite simple, although very tedious. The main problem with it was the time.For every layer you apply, you need to wait 12 hours to proceed to the next step, so it becomes a one week project.. But we were decided to do it because it made no sense to change everything but leave the tiles untouched.

Microcement bathrooms – Ingremic

Microcement coating is excels in its elegant aesthetics and its special features for this type of areas such as its water resistance and anti-slip protection. It creates an atmosphere of cleanliness and spaciousness through a very fine and special finish to make the bathroom a pleasant place to disconnect.

Micro Cement Bathroom – YouTube

Part of our Rose Bay renovation, this master ensuite bathroom got a monster transformation. With the use of micro cement and unique materials, we created a s

How Much Does Microcement Cost? – Alt. Surfaces

Based on a job that is a minimum of 100 square meters over concrete, the supply & installation cost of high-quality microcement finishes starts from $180 + GST for floor installations, $200 + GST for wall installations and $400 + GST for joinery installations. There are different factors that influence microcement price.

Microcement in bathrooms: Everything you need to know

White microcement bathrooms. The colour white is synonymous with cleanliness and hygiene and provides unparalleled luminosity to the bathroom. The Micro-stuk wall cladding is available in two varieties of this shade: Micro-stuk White, with a characteristic off-white; and Micro-stuk Snow, which reveals the splendour of pure white.

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The Advantages of Microcement Bathrooms | Pinoy ePlans

When Microcement is used in your bathroom, this issue is eliminated. Contingent upon the finishing used on the floor surface, the varnish with which it is fixed, and the kind of microcement utilized, the floor obtains this property. So it is an ideal fix for this room. Highly adaptable.

Microcement bathroom. – Art Decorating Solutions

Regarding the use of microcement in bathrooms , for floors, walls, showers or washbasins, this material gives a very modern look. Depending on the preferences of each person in terms of style of arrangement, the microcement can be combined with certain elements, to obtain an industrial or minimalist design in the bathroom .

Microcement Shower | Why Using Microcement Shower Using in

Microcement Shower. Microcement is the trending bathroom material, a blend of high-performance cement, compounds, and natural color pigments. A micro-coated cement that is adaptable to all surfaces, and different temperatures. At Deco Cemento, we use Microcement for shower construction and renovation.

Microcement | Microcement Concrete

Microcement Bathroom VIEW. Microcement Door VIEW. Microcement Floor VIEW. Microcement Front VIEW. Microcement Furniture VIEW. Microcement Stairs VIEW. Microcement Wall VIEW. Microcement Worktop Microcement & Concrete in UK. T: 0113 519 0207. [email protected].

Microcement | Microcement Supplies | Strongest Microcement

Microcement is a cement and polymer-based topping, meant to immitate the look of actual concrete when it is applied to walls, floors and other spaces in either homes or commercial spaces. You may also encounter it under the names of micro-screed, micro-concrete or micro-topping. Being a highly adhesive material, thanks to its components (cement

Microcement Bathroom | The Original Plasterers Forum – The

Just completed this bathroom with incorporated wet room, Microcement floors and walls, with added shadow gaps for contrast. Attachments D28CB4EC-0DE8-4EF8-92C9-24F8114B571F.jpeg

Microcement cement plaster tadelakt — San Diego Bath

Craft Plaster is a high performance micro cement that has the versatility to be applied over nearly any surface. It can be installed to reach what is called a “Diamond finish” and is comprised of minerals and fine aggregates sourced entirely from North American Mines.

Microcement for flooring, bathroom, worktop and walls

Microcement, also known as microtopping or polished concrete, is a luxurious decorative coating made up of marble dust, quartz, water-based resins, additives, and mineral pigments and is perfect for application on both interior and exterior surfaces. It is versatile, meaning it can be applied to almost any base material, and some common uses


MICROCEMENT IN THE BATHROOM » Find this Pin and more on House__ Bathroom by Marit Knapp. 19.5k Likes, 90 Comments – Jacqueline Mikuta (@mikutas) on Instagram: “*Anzeige – Microcement in the bathroom ★ We used @carament_betonvivet microcement just like we did…”. – Anzeige – In collaboration with Carament -Hello loves, I


Microcement. Microcement or Microtopping is a cement-based floor with a thickness of 2-3 mm and an highly abrasion resistance. Because of its strong adhesion, the microcement can be applied virtually on any type of stable surface, including ceramics.

\microcement bathroom Archives – Loggia Products

microcement bathroom. Showing all 3 results. Microcement Floor Tester Kit Monolith – 1m2 £ 65.00 Ex Vat; Microcement Wall Tester Kit Monolith – 1m2 £ 45.00 Ex Vat; Monolith Medium Grain – Microcement 1kg £ 14

BT Microcement

Microcement is currently one of the foremost trending decorative styles globally. It is a continuous jointless coating which makes for easy cleaning and is a unique texture which is hardwearing, waterproof and heatproof making it a perfect choice for bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens, swimming pools and more.

Recent Microcement work by Bath Microcement & Polished Plaster

Recent Microcement Work. Here are a few more recent examples of work we have carried out for our clients from Bath and the surround southwest of England, in both Microcement and Polished plaster. Please click the images below for more detailed information and images of the work we have carried out, from Kitchen worktops, Wetrooms, Offices to

Boho interior design with microcement. Color: FL01 [photos]

The microcement is on the floor throughout the house, on the stairs and the kitchen countertop is made of it … and the whole bathroom This house was supposed to be for rent, but we moved to it ourselves, we are building another one, which is already available for rent now. ” – remembers Kasia.

Microcement – Exclusive Finishes WA

Microcement can be applied directly on ceramic tiles and old flooring with no need to dismantle or dispose of the substrate. So you can look forward to a shorter renovation time, less mess, reduced cost and environmental impact. Plus, because it’s only 3-4mm thick once applied, you don’t have to remove or modify architectural elements like

Microcement Bathrooms London – Eco Porcelainic MicroCement

Eco Porcelainic MicroCement brings to you a wide variety of choices in microcement products for bathrooms. Easy to use, low maintenance and affordable, microcement bathrooms add a beautiful glossy barrier to bathrooms transforming them aesthetically and functionally. With a layer of microcement on your bathrooms surfaces, your bathroom is

Micro Cement Wall Kit – Impera Italia

Micro Cement Wall Kit Our micro cement wall kit is a synergistic coating system that can create durable minimalist, raw-concrete effect feature walls. Our micro cement finish is not only flexible, seamless, versatile, with a tactile finish but is also highly resistant to abrasion and staining. Micro cement coatings are ideal for interior walls in kitchens and living rooms, bathrooms and even


Microcement Bathroom. Microcement Floor. Microcement Floor. Popular; Best Sellers; Quick view. £ 470.00 In Stock Microcement Floor Kit 20m² Microcement Floor Kit 20m² All you need for applying 20m² of Microcement to floors for a beautiful seamless finish. 1 Primer 1 Fibreglass Mesh 2 Microcement Base 1 Microcement Medium 1 Resin 1 Colours 1

Microcement baths – with seamless design | Raumkonzept Trier

Microcement – for a beautiful bathroom. Microcement, also known as microtopping, is a filling compound based onreal cement that offers many advantages. Particularly in the immediate wet area around the shower,

Microcement Portfolio | KIBITEC

Microcement Bathroom – Final Result. Microcement Bathroom 2. Microcement Wall. Sliema Apartment | Turnkey Finishing . Stairs. Microcement Bedroom. Kitchen Refurbished

Microcement over Tiles – Bespoke Finishes

They are versatile in appearance and can be customised for functionality. In fact, micro cementing small surfaces such as countertops, splash backs or bathroom walls can be a great way to assess if you want to use the finish for bigger tiled projects. Here are some ‘best-practice’ tips for microcement over tiles: 1.

West Coast Microcement – Project Photos & Reviews – San

View Phone Number. Website. San Diego, CA 92026. Typical Job Cost $2,500 – 150,000. We do small jobs such as outdoor kitchen and pato/pool remodels, bathrooms and residential floors and walls. We also remodel large hotels, nightclubs, doctor’s offices and theaters. No job is too small or too big. 5 Followers.

Microcement – North Arch Bathrooms – St James Lane London

Microcement Microcement Our team of bathroom designers and installers have over 30 years of experience in designing and creating bathrooms of impeccable quality. Microcement At North Arch Bathrooms we are renowned for our microcement and tadelakt finishes. We have many displays in our

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Reasons Why Microcement is Ideal For Home Flooring and

It is a great material to use on the walls of floors of your bathroom, kitchen or living room. This material is mold resistant and anti-slip, making it the ideal choice for floor surfaces inside and outside your property. Microcement is versatile and can be used o cover a wide range f surfaces. It is possible to achieve several textural

Microcement floors and walls – Venetian Plaster Sydney

Microcement is a blend of aggregate and quartz that provides a smooth, soft finish that can be applied to floors, walls and furniture. Made from modified polymers, quartz and special additives Microcement offers total adhesion strength. Microcement allows you to achieve a trendy, seamless and stripped back appearance of concrete without the

33 Microcement ideas | microcement, cement design

Apr 5, 2016 – Explore Microcement Ua’s board “Microcement” on Pinterest. See more ideas about microcement, cement design, concrete bathroom.

Professional Microcement installations – Microcement in Essex

Here at Microcement in Essex we are professional, fully qualified and highly experienced microcement installers. A lot of our work comes from referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations from homeowners, interior designers and architects. We also work with highly recognised commercial brands, installing microcement in their stores and showrooms.

Microcement | Smooth cement – Decorative – CimentArt

CimentArt Microcement is an ideal decorative coating for any surface, represents the best example of chemical and technological evolution, using the traditional method for the manufacture of cemento.

Application Tutorial Traditional Microcement – YouTube

Web: www.cimentart.comEmail: [email protected]:Tel. (+34) 965 654 637International Line: 0034 674 032 819The CimentArt Microcement is a decorative coa

Frequently Asked Questions About Microcement

A Microcement Bathroom Floor And Shower Tray. Unfortunately the construction industry has a history of using ‘water proof’ and ‘water resistant’ interchangeably, which is highly misleading and used only to garner more sales. So when you read that X brand of microcement or microconcrete is waterproof, what they actually mean is that they

Microcement – Homescape Rendering

Microcement. It is an extremely hardy and durable material, due to the resins and additives, and does not require joints in the finish. Becoming very popular in modern bathrooms and large floor spaces, it is completely waterproof, and offers a wide variety of colours, textures and effects, resulting in a pleasing contemporary finish.

Topcret Fabricantes y Distribuidores de Microcemento en España

It is a leading company in the production and placement of Microcement and coatings applicable to floors, walls, bathroom and kitchen furniture, exteriors and swimming pools. Contact +34 932 74 12 08

Microcement set for 10sqm – Magic Depot

Details. Microcement is a special cement mixture for everyone looking for seamless finishing floors without structural dilatation joints , walls or ceilings.. It might be applied on cement grout, ceramic tiles, OSB boards, etc. It is an innovative product suitable for all kind of environments. It quickly covers unsightly joints and fissures and

How much does MicroCement flooring cost? Microcement floor

Microcement floors also referred to as Micro-screed, provides an alternative to a polished concrete flooring solution. As the name suggests, microcement uses a thin layer of a polymer-modified cement, normally on an elastic mortar layer, giving a total depth of approximately 2-3mm.

Microcement Bathroom – Microcement bathroom – Polished

Microcement Bathroom About this job. Description: We were contracted by a high end, London based building firm who were renovating a mansion in Mayfair. After several meetings with the client we eventually came up with a custom travertine blend, which replicated the sort of colour and styles found abroad in Greece or Italy.

RenovaCem – Bespoke Microcement Interiors

RenovaCem Microcement is an advanced cement mortar resulting from the blend of modified cement, graded quartz sands and high-quality polymeric resins resulting in a product much more resilient, elastic and adherent than common cement mortars. RenovaCem Microcement. It is hand trowelled measuring 3-4mm thick in total and can be applied to any

Microcement Bathroom Archives – Microcement Supplies UK

Microcement Bathroom 31 Jan 2018 Microcement Application by Microcement-Supplies | posted in: Microcement Application, Microcement Installation | 18 . Microcement Applicators The Microcement application enables the creation of beautiful unique floors and walls covered with a material that is distinguished by its fine qualities and versatility

5 Reasons Why Microcement is Designer's Matter Envy – Te

View of my tiny microcement bathroom. I paired the grey microcement walls (including the shower) with timber-looking tiles and flooring. Note that I used a glossy waterproof coating to create light reflections for this is a tiny bathroom and I figured that it could use a little light manipulation.

Get the Look Main Bathroom – Three Birds Renovations


Mag-enjoy sa isang designer bathroom na may personalidad

Makipag-ugnayan sa: [email protected]. menu. Teknolohiya; Libangan; bahay; Mga Review ng Produkto; Criptomonedas

MicroCement Kitchen Worktop Concrete Countertop 27mm Thick

A stunning custom made, fully waterproof MicroCement worktop. MicroCement is a cement and resin-based coating, applied by hand using several layers. It looks like concrete and has none of the associated issues of solid concrete. It is also much lighter than concrete. MicroCement is Crack-resistant

MicroCement Flooring In London – UK: From Cost To Usability

Bathroom. MicroCement offers a really great alternative to tiling in a wet room or bathroom. It has a high resistance to water and by using different types of patterning and texture on the finish, it is possible to create a tactile and really different finish for a bathroom or shower room.

How Much Does Microcement Cost?

One of the great things about microcement finishes is that it is hugely customisable, an almost endless amount of colours and shades are now available. And each one of these colours can then be modified by trowel pressure and technique and also by the amount of layers applied.

Bathroom | DNA Designer Finishes|Micro cement Sydney

Bathroom. Advantages (in addition to its stylish appearance) we can mention durability, ease of application and cleanliness – there are no joints and the surface is smooth, so that no dirt and soap deposits are collected. What is more, the sealed microcement is completely waterproof, so it can be used in shower cabins and for finishing off

Microcement Furniture and Worktops – Existent Furniture Re

Microcement has the virtually rare ability to appear great in both sleek, modern kitchens and more classic ones in terms of its design. It is textural, tactile, and long-lasting. Microcement is one of the best materials for worktops and furniture. A microcement worktop may change your kitchen from a practical space to a great conversational piece.

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