Is there an over the counter Chantix?

Is there an over the counter Chantix?

You cannot buy CHANTIX over the counter (OTC). This is because CHANTIX is a prescription medication. To get CHANTIX, you must have a prescription provided by a doctor or medical provider.

Is varenicline the same as Chantix?

Chantix (varenicline) is available in brand name only, as 0.5 mg and 1 mg tablets, and it is made by the drug company Pfizer. Chantix, which is used in adults only, is started one week before the smoking quit date and is taken for 12 weeks; patients may continue for another 12 weeks if the first cycle is successful.2019-12-13

Is Zyban the same as Chantix?

Zyban is an antidepressant and Chantix is a partial agonist selective for a4ß2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes. Side effects of Zyban and Chantix that are similar include dry mouth, sleep problems (insomnia), headache, nausea (may persist for several months with Chantix), stomach pain, and constipation.

How much does generic Chantix cost?

(Generic Chantix) The normal cash price for Varenicline Tartrate is $550.87 per 56, 1MG Tablet, but you can pay only $254.46 when you use your SingleCare prescription drug discount card to use the Varenicline Tartrate coupon.

What is the Canadian version of Chantix?


Which is more effective Zyban or Chantix?

In clinical trials of Chantix, the drug was found to reduce the urge to smoke, reduce withdrawal symptoms, and help patients maintain abstinence. One study compared Chantix to Zyban to placebo. The study found that both drugs were better than placebo, and concluded that Chantix was more effective than Zyban.2019-12-13

Which medicine is best for quitting smoking?

Currently there are two main prescription medications that may be prescribed to help people quit smoking: Zyban and Chantix.

How can I get Chantix for free?

First, the Pfizer Patient Assistance Program provides free Chantix to low-income patients. The Chantix Starting Month Pack and refills will be provided through the patient’s healthcare provider.2020-05-02

What can I take over the counter to quit smoking?

OTC nicotine replacement products include; nico- tine patches, nicotine gum and nicotine loz- enges. These products are used for 8-12 weeks or longer, allowing you to slowly decrease the amount of nicotine you receive over time.

Is Zyban effective to quit smoking?

Patients using Zyban are generally successful at quitting, according to research. Zyban has been shown to be particularly effective when used along with a nicotine replacement therapy like the patch or gum. The pros associated with taking this medication are: It’s easy to take.2011-06-30

Is there a pill that stops you smoking?

There are two quit-smoking medicines approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that are pills: bupropion and varenicline. Bupropion has many effects on the brain, including helping people quit smoking. It decreases craving and other nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Is Chantix back on the market?

The bottom line In June 2021, Pfizer halted the production of Chantix, a prescription medication used to help people quit smoking. This announcement was due to the discovery of potentially carcinogenic nitrosamines in the medication. It’s currently unknown when Pfizer will restart the production of this medication.2021-09-20

Is generic Chantix available now?

Par’s varenicline is the first and currently the only available FDA-approved generic version of Chantix® in the U.S.2021-09-22

What can I use instead of Chantix?

Wellbutrin (bupropion) is an antidepressant used for the management of major depression and seasonal affective disorder and Chantix (varenicline) is used for cessation of smoking. The Zyban brand of bupropion is used similarly to Chantix to help people stop smoking by reducing cravings and other withdrawal effects.

How much is the starter pack of Chantix?

How much does Chantix cost without insurance? Chantix is a three- to six-month fixed-dose treatment. The average cost of both the one-month Starting Pack (53 tablets) and the Continuing Month Pack (56 tablets) is $593.59 for patients without insurance.2020-05-02

Does Zyban work the same as Champix?

Research studies show that Champix can more than double your chance of quitting, and Zyban nearly doubles your chance. Medications will not stop all cravings entirely, but they will work on nicotine addiction.

Generic Chantix Availability –

A generic version of Chantix has been approved by the FDA. However, this does not mean that the product will necessarily be commercially available – possibly because of drug patents and/or drug exclusivity. The following products are equivalent to Chantix and have been approved by the FDA: varenicline tartrate tablet;oral

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Chantix Starter Pack 11×0.5mg, 14x1mg Marketed as Champix Initiation Pack (2 Week) in United Kingdom Varenicline Tartrate Manufactured by Pfizer Product of United Kingdom Dispensed by a licensed pharmacy in the United Kingdom Currently Unavailable. Generic Choices Varenicline Tartrate 0.5mg Marketed as Apo-Varenicline in Canada

Buy Chantix Online: Discount Generic & Prescription Drugs

Buy Chantix Online A prescription is required for this item. GENERIC ALTERNATIVE LISTING – Varenicline Price Guarantee BRAND LISTING – Chantix (Varenicline) Price Guarantee CHANTIX (VARENICLINE) Time to Stop Smoking? Chantix is a smoking-cessation aid that works a little differently than other products people use to try and kick the habit.

Chantix Prices, Coupons & Savings Tips – GoodRx

It is available in generic and brand versions. It is covered by most Medicare and insurance plans, but some pharmacy coupons or cash prices may be lower. The lowest GoodRx price for the most common version of generic Chantix is around $192.25, 52% off the average retail price of $405.92. Prescription Settings generic tablet 1mg 56 tablets chantix

1-16 of 134 results for “chantix” RESULTS Prescription Required Varenicline (Tablet) $214 10 $238.80 Prime member price, 30-day supply. FREE delivery Insurance price and days’ supply options also available. FSA or HSA eligible Vice Breaker: Quit Smoking for The Last Time. Works Fast – Stop Smoking Within 30 Days.

Chantix Prices, Coupons & Patient Assistance –

Chantix (varenicline) is a member of the smoking cessation agents drug class and is commonly used for Smoking Cessation. Chantix Prices The cost for Chantix oral tablet 1 mg is around $504 for a supply of 56 tablets, depending on the pharmacy you visit. Prices are for cash paying customers only and are not valid with insurance plans.

First Generic Version of Chantix Now Available – MPR

The first generic version of Chantix (varenicline) has been made available by Par Pharmaceutical, Inc. Varenicline is a nicotinic receptor partial agonist indicated for use as an aid to smoking

Are You Waiting for a Chantix Generic? Here's How to Save

Currently, there is no generic version of Chantix, but we may see one soon. Some predict that a generic could be available as soon as May 2020. Even though we may have to wait four more years to see a generic, there are ways to save in the meantime. Savings Tip #1: Use your insurance, or ask your doctor to submit an appeal

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Buy Generic Chantix, Save Up To 80% – Medical Informatics

Buy Generic Chantix 9.4 out of 10 based on 315 ratings. Tumor staging was peras regardsmed according to the Fifth Edition of the UICC TNM Classification of rancorous tumors. It also fundamentally differentiates the netmould analysis considered here from most studies of complex offer-ups in the recent netoff literature.

Endo Launches First and Only Generic Version of Chantix

dublin, sept. 22, 2021 /prnewswire/ — endo international plc (nasdaq: endp) announced today that one of its operating companies, par pharmaceutical, inc. (par), has begun shipping the generic

Chantix without a prescription: Drugstores slow on Indiana

“We still have our pharmacist make a judgement call whether the patient is appropriate for Chantix or any other medication.” Contact IndyStar reporter Shari Rudavsky at 317-444-6354 or

FDA allows drugmakers to sell generic Chantix, says cancer

The FDA is allowing drugmakers to distribute varenicline, the generic name for Pfizer’s anti-smoking drug Chantix, even if the drug contains low levels of a carcinogen. The health benefits of

Apo-Varenicline Tablets

For ordering information, please contact your primary wholesaler or distributor to place an order with Apotex Corp. at 1-800-706-5575. Healthcare providers should report adverse events associated with the use of Apotex Inc.’s Apo-Varenicline (varenicline tartrate) to Apotex Corp. at 1-800-706-5575.

Buy Cheap Generic Varenicline Chantix 1mg Tablets Online

Chantix 1mg tablets is a prescription medication that used to treat nicotine addiction. Varenicline 1mg tablet manufactured by Pfizer, and available on Reliable Canadian Pharmacy, the best online drugstore in Canada, where you can buy generic varenicline 1mg tablet online at the very lowest prices, with worldwide free shipping. READ

Chantix in Mexico? – Puerto Vallarta Forum – Tripadvisor

Champix is the Canadian name, Chantix is the USA name. For whatever reason? I THINK many farmacias in Mexico get their drugs from Canada, so you might see it as Chantix more often, yes. Wellbutrin/Zyban is a different drug. It’s Buproprion, an anti-depressant. I quit smoking on that. (Three times. haha.

FDA Drug Shortages

800-706-5575 Par Pharmaceutical ( Revised 04/20/2022) Pfizer Pharmaceuticals ( Reverified 03/31/2022)

Buy Chantix Pharmacy, OTC Medicines – Medical Informatics

buy generic chantix In the present lucubrate, we used a laboratory-derived buy chantix pharmacy strain of A. baumannii that completely requires lipopolysaccharide charges to a mutant in the lpxD gene (IB010), whole of the genes implicated in the triumph steps of lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis, as a nostrum looking to take a piss to vaccination.

FDA Updates and Press Announcements on Nitrosamine in

Update [9/17/2021] FDA is alerting patients and health care professionals that Pfizer is expanding its voluntary recall to include all lots of varenicline (Chantix) 0.5 mg and 1 mg tablets. Pfizer

Buy Chantix Online – PlushCare

Generally speaking, CHANTIX tablets cost $9.49 per 0.5 mg or 1.0 mg tablet. Price or price range is provided as a reference point only and may vary. A 30-day supply of CHANTIX can cost up to $485, so many people will look to their insurer to cover the cost. Without insurance, the CHANTIX starter pack costs $593.59.

Where To Buy Chantix In Usa?

Is Generic Chantix Available In The Us? varenicline, currently the only approved generic version of Chantix available in the United States, has been available from Par since 2012.

Pfizer Issues a Voluntary Nationwide Recall for Twelve

Pfizer is voluntarily recalling two lots of Chantix 0.5mg Tablets, two lots of Chantix 1 mg Tablets, and eight lots of a Chantix kit of 0.5mg/1 mg Tablets to the patient (consumer/user) level due

CHANTIX® | Pfizer

CHANTIX® (varenicline) This product information is intended only for residents of the United States. for Consumers: Visit the CHANTIX consumer Web site to learn more about this medication and the GETQUIT patient support program.

U.S. FDA to temporarily allow distribution of anti-smoking

July 16 (Reuters) – The U.S. drug regulator said on Friday it will temporarily allow manufacturers to distribute versions of Pfizer Inc’s anti-smoking drug Chantix with elevated levels of an

Forgotten Drug Works Better than Nicotine Patches to Help

The treatment is cytisine, a plant-based drug that blocks nicotine receptors in the brain much like Chantix does. The drug has been used to treat more than 20 million people. According to a study

Apo-varenicline Prices, Coupons and Delivery | Optum Perks

Compare prices and get free coupons for Apo-varenicline at pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens to save up to 80%. Prescription home delivery available.

Special Features – How Much Does Chantix Cost?

A starter pack of Chantix retails for $518.00 in the United States. (That’s if you can find it in stock!) Purchasing generic varenicline doesn’t even save much money — it retails for about $450.00. Alternatively, at, you can buy a starter pack of Chantix for $80.00 — or a 53 pill pack for $135.00.

Pfizer Halts Distribution of Stop-Smoking Pill Chantix

The Chantix website says it’s a three-to-six-month treatment that helps people overcome the need to smoke tobacco. The website says more than 13 million people have been prescribed Chantix.

Champix (Maintenance Pack) 1mg Tablet 28'S – Buy Medicines

Champix (Maintenance Pack) 1mg Tablet 28’S. Poisoning/Overdose Rx required. Varenicline 1 mg. OUT OF STOCK. Best Price* ₹ 1,360.00 MRP ₹1,700.00 (Inclusive of all taxes) * Get the best price on this product on orders above Rs 500. *28 Tablet (s) in a Strip * Mkt: Pfizer Limited * Country of Origin: Germany * Delivery charges if applicable

Does Medicare provide cover for Chantix? Options, costs

When a generic version of Chantix becomes available, people taking the drug may save money by using the generic option rather than the brand-name. According to Medicare, generic drugs are the same

Buy Chantix – Shipped from Canada Drugs Online

Chantix Information: Chantix (generic name: Varenicline) is a drug which is prescribed for patients who want to quit smoking. It treats the nicotine withdrawals symptoms which aid giving up smoking by working with the brain to block the pleasurable effects of smoking.

Home Page | CHANTIX® (varenicline) Official HCP Site

Patients should be instructed to discontinue CHANTIX and immediately seek medical care if they experience these symptoms or at the first sign of rash with mucosal lesions or any other signs of hypersensitivity. The most common adverse reactions include nausea (30%), abnormal dreams, constipation, flatulence, and vomiting.

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Endo Launches First and Only Generic Version of Chantix

Endo International plc (NASDAQ: ENDP) announced today that one of its operating companies, Par Pharmaceutical, Inc. (Par), has begun shipping the generic version of Pfizer’s Chantix® (varenicline

Chantix Starting Month Pak 0.5 mg (11)-1 mg (42) tablets

Generic name: Varenicline – oral. Pronunciation (var-EN-i-kleen) Brand name(s) Chantix. Uses. Varenicline is used by adults to help stop smoking. To increase your chance of success, use this medication with a stop-smoking program that includes education, support, and counseling. Quitting smoking lowers your risk of heart and lung disease, as

Endo Launches First and Only Generic Version of Chantix

Par’s varenicline is the first and currently the only available FDA-approved generic version of Chantix ® in the U.S. “This important approval brings the first Chantix ® generic to the U.S. market,” said Jon Holden, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Generics at Endo.”As a reliable, quality supplier, Par is proud to help people during this critical time while also expanding our


This medication is a nicotinic receptor partial agonist, prescribed for smoking cessation. It blocks the pleasant effects of nicotine (from smoking) on the brain. Varenicline eases the need to smoke and helps with withdrawal signs from smoking. It does not contain nicotine. It comes as a tablet to take by mouth, with food.

Endo Launches First and Only Generic Version of Chantix

Endo Launches First and Only Generic Version of Chantix® (varenicline) Tablets in the United States. DUBLIN, /PRNewswire/ — Endo International plc (NASDAQ: ENDP) announced today

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Buying prescription drugs online is easy with Canada Pharmacy. All you need to do is search for the brand or generic prescription drug using the boxes above and select your medication and checkout. Save up to 80% compared local US pharmacies and also take advantage of our price match guarantee . Purchasing Canadian prescription drugs could not

Varenicline Tablet at Best Price in India

Varenicline Tablet. ₹ 100/ Pack Get Latest Price. Varenicline is used along with education and counseling to help people stop smoking. Varenicline is in a class of medications called smoking cessation aids. It works by blocking the pleasant effects of nicotine (from smoking) on the brain.

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Established in the year 2013, we, “Medexim India”, are well-known in the industry as one of the eminent traders, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, exporters and importers of a commendable range of Pharmaceutical & Generic Medicines.The range of medicines offered by us comprises Skin Care Medicines and Hormones & Steroids. Apart from this, we are rendering Drop Shipping

Pfizer 00069047103 – McKesson Medical-Surgical

Volume. 53 Tablets. Features. CHANTIX is indicated for use as an aid to smoking cessation treatment. Patients should be treated with CHANTIX for 12 weeks. Serious neuropsychiatric events including, but not limited to, depression, suicidal ideation, suicide attempt, and completed suicide have been reported in patients taking CHANTIX.

Chantix – Varenicline Tablet at best price in Delhi Delhi

Generic for Chantix (Varenicline) is a smoking cessation drug, which is prescribed to help smokers stop smoking. This drug targets receptors in the brain as regular smokers are addicted to . It reduces smoking urge as well as withdrawal symptoms such as craving, restlessness, irritability, dizziness, constipation, and so on.

Drug Shortage Detail: Varenicline tablets (Chantix)

There are 3 medications that are primarily used in tobacco smoking cessation. These are nicotine (a variety of forms are available including patches, gum, lozenges, nasal sprays, and oral inhalers), bupropion sustained-release, and varenicline. It is suggested that varenicline is the most effective medication alone or in combination.

FDA Tries To Fill The Gap For Smoking-Cessation Drug Chantix

FDA Tries To Fill The Gap For Smoking-Cessation Drug Chantix. Read about the biggest pharmaceutical developments and pricing stories from the past week in KHN’s Prescription Drug Watch roundup. In

Varenicline (Chantix) | Davis's Drug Guide

1. Download the Davis’s Drug Guide app by Unbound Medicine. 2. Select Try/Buy and follow instructions to begin your free 30-day trial. You can cancel anytime within the 30-day trial, or continue using Davis’s Drug Guide to begin a 1-year subscription ($39.95) varenicline. General. Indications.

First generic competition arrives for Pfizer's

Since its FDA approval in 2006 as a treatment to help people stop smoking, and even despite the risk of mental health issues added to the label in 2009, Pfizer has found a way to haul in tens of

Safety Concerns and Side Effects of Chantix

Both Chantix and Zyban are in a class of quit aids that alter brain chemistry. They have the potential to cause serious side effects for some people. This is why they are prescription medicines. You should have a doctor involved in your care if you’re using one of these medications.

Quit Smoking: Is Chantix or Zyban Right For You? – Smoking

Chantix ( varenicline) and Zyban ( bupropion) are the only two non-nicotine medications approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for smoking cessation; both are available in pill

Third recall: Pfizer's Chantix for cancer-causing

Still, to July’s Chantix recalls, Pfizer added blister packs of 11 0.5 mg tablets and 42 1.0 mg tablets with lot Nos. 00018522; 00018523; 00018739; and 00018740.All have an expiration date of

Chantix Oral Reviews and User Ratings: Effectiveness, Ease

I started Chantix on March 1st 2021 30 day starter pack. The 30 days were easy no cravings no side effects at all in fact I felt like it was a little happy pill. I’m now over 3 months not smoking

Endo Launches First and Only Generic Version of Chantix

Par’s varenicline is the first and currently the only available FDA-approved generic version of Chantix ® in the U.S. “This important approval brings the first Chantix ® generic to the U.S

Fourth recall: Pfizer's Chantix for cancer-causing

Chantix Tablets, 0.5/1 mg NDC: 0069-0471-03 in the cartons containing one blister pack of 11 0.5 mg tablets and one blister pack containing 42 1 mg tablets with expirations dates of August 2021 to

Chantix | C17H19N3O6 – PubChem

VARENICLINE TARTRATE is an active ingredient in 3 products including: APO-VARENICLINE, CHANTIX, and Varenicline. National Drug Code (NDC) Directory 6.5 Drug Labels for Ingredients

Endo Reports First-quarter 2022 Financial Results

During the three months ended , varenicline tablets (our generic version of Pfizer Inc.’s Chantix ®), which launched in September 2021, made up 10% of consolidated total revenues

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Does Medicare Cover Chantix? – Healthline

Chantix is a medication doctors prescribe to help people quit smoking. Medicare requires prescription drug plans to cover Chantix. Costs for Chantix can vary based on your prescription drug plan

Canadian Pharmacy – Certified Canada Pharmacy Online

Canada Pharmacy online has the best selection and discount prices on prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Everything you would expect from the largest online Canadian Pharmacy! As a first-class, certified online pharmacy serving many satisfied customers since 2001, is the most trusted name in high-quality, affordable

Champix (varenicline) – a medicine to help you stop

Champix (varenicline) Champix (also called varenicline) is not currently available in the UK or Europe. It has been withdrawn as a precaution, because of an impurity found in the medicine. It may be unavailable long-term. It’s not yet known whether it will be available again in future. Champix is a medicine that can help you stop smoking.

Chantix Oral Tablet 0.5Mg Drug Medication Dosage Information

Chantix Oral tablet 0.5mg Drug Medication Dosage information. Learn about the reported side effects, related class drugs, and how these medications will affect your daily lifestyle. Visit for more details.

Pfizer Pauses Chantix Distribution After Finding Carcinogen

Pfizer Inc. said it’s pausing worldwide distribution of its smoking-cessation drug Chantix after finding elevated levels of nitrosamines, a likely carcinogen, in the pills.

Canadian Drugstore: Viagra chantix original meds!

buy panic meds now best face lotion for accutane users Does prednisone cause cataracts Brainstem reticular viagra chantix formation have been described. Wound protector retractor devices are designed more to the cord. A 1-mm laser fiber or the patient s age. Rest tremor is worse on walking or running. No and immune systems.

CHANTIX® Dosage and Administration (varenicline tartrate

CHANTIX should be taken orally after eating and with a full glass of water. The recommended dose of CHANTIX is 1 mg twice daily following a 1-week titration as follows: Days 1 – 3: 0.5 mg once daily. Days 4 – 7: 0.5 mg twice daily. Day 8 – end of treatment: 1 mg twice daily. Patients should be treated with CHANTIX for 12 weeks.

FDA works to mitigate shortage of quit-smoking drug | CIDRAP

This regulation change has cleared the way for the Canadian-approved product APO-Varenicline Tartrate, made by Apotex, to be sold in the United States. An FDA lab report published Aug 23 found N-nitroso-varenicline levels of 27 to 44 ng per 1-milligram (mg) tablet. Lots of Chantix, on the other hand, had 150 to 470 ng per 1-mg tablet.

Why Chantix Might Help You Quit Smoking – Verywell Mind

Chantix is the brand name for varenicline tartrate, a smoking cessation drug developed by Pfizer, Inc. It was developed specifically to help people quit smoking and it has two very unique qualities. Chantix mimics a low dose of nicotine, which eases the symptoms that are common when going through withdrawal.

Stop Smoking – Walgreens

Shop for Stop Smoking Products. Extra 20% off $40+ beauty & personal care with MOM20

People's Pharmacy: Where do generic drugs come from?

Generic-drug companies undersell brand-name products in part because they buy their raw ingredients for less. One woman wrote: “I took Chantix exactly as prescribed, and within two days, I was

CHANTIX® Contraindications (varenicline tartrate) | Pfizer

4 CONTRAINDICATIONS. CHANTIX is contraindicated in patients with a known history of serious hypersensitivity reactions or skin reactions to CHANTIX. If you provide additional keywords, you may be able to browse through our database of Scientific Response Documents. Our scientific content is evidence-based, scientifically balanced and non

Pfizer Expands Recall Of Anti-smoking Drug Chantix | Nasdaq

3:27AM EDT. (RTTNews) – Drug major Pfizer has expanded its earlier recall of its Chantix (Varenicline) Tablets to include four additional lots, the U.D. Food and Drug Administration

Where To Buy Champix Australia?

A prescription is required from a general practitioner to obtain it. If you have questions about the drug, you can contact your doctor, the National Prescribing Service (1300 888 763) or Pfizer’s

Washington Drugs: Plavix chantix reaction express delivery!

Plavix chantix reaction for sildenafil for gastroparesis. Blockers generally, blockers are more likely to respond to ammonia lowering therapy, it can produce withdrawal syndromes have been proposed. Signs temperature may be used to manage a patient may require tympanostomy tube placement secondary to parvovirus infection, bone marrow

10 Most-Advertised Brand-Name Drugs – Pharmacy Times

The FDA approved the first generic versions of Abilify (aripiprazole) in April 2015. Despite the loss of patent protection, 8.3 million total prescriptions were written for Abilify in the first half of 2015. Abilify is ranked No. 2 on the top 10 list of best-selling brand-name drugs for 2015. 10. Chantix ($103.1 million spent on advertising)

Pfizer recall anti-smoking drug Chantix for high levels

Chantix is a pill the FDA approved in 2006 to help people quit smoking Pfizer has recalled its popular anti-smoking drug Chantix after it was found to contain high levels of cancer-causing agents

Why Pfizer Halted Shipments of 1 of Its Top-Selling

In the fourth quarter of 2020, U.S. sales of Chantix plunged 40% year over year due to losing market share to generic rivals. Although international sales increased slightly, it wasn’t nearly

Pfizer Pulls Out Additional Lots Of It Anti-Smoking Pill

Multiple Chantix doses are currently in shortage as the company conducts product testing, the FDA says. In the meantime, the regulator has summoned Apotex to export its generic Chantix product

These drug patents are expected to expire – MedCity News

Note: OptumRx’s report does not include Bydureon, but does state a generic version of Byetta – a formulation of exenatide with more frequent dosing – may be launched this year. Chantix

Where to buy generic Baclofen, No prescription, approved

A full reconciliation of forward-looking non-GAAP financial measures (other than where to buy generic baclofen revenues) or a reconciliation of. Chantix following its loss of exclusivity, unasserted intellectual property protection for or agreeing not to enforce or being restricted from enforcing where to buy generic baclofen intellectual property.

Pharm FAQ – California

Diabetic supplies such as test strips, lancets and syringes are covered Medi-Cal benefits and can only be obtained through a pharmacy. Ask your pharmacy to call 1-800-541-5555 (outside of California, please call (916) 636-1980) if they require additional assistance billing Medi-Cal for your diabetic supplies. 6.

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