What happens if you get stuck in an escape room?

What happens if you get stuck in an escape room?

What happens if you get stuck in an escape room? If the game ends and you’re still stuck inside, a staff member will enter the room to show you the clues you missed, walk you through the solution, and escort you safely outside where you will then be free to leave.2021-03-25

How successful are escape rooms?

The success rate varies, but only about 30 percent to 50 percent of participants escape a given room in the time allotted, Ms. Spira said. Admission usually ranges from $20 to $45 per person, with escape rooms in bigger cities usually charging more.2018-04-11

What percentage of people get out of escape rooms?

Escape games tend to have a 15-30% escape rate. They aren’t good odds, and that’s what I love about them. My favorite types of fiction usually feature a ragtag group of misfits fighting against impossible odds.2015-03-29

Can you leave an escape room at any time?

Don’t let your claustrophobia keep you from experiencing the fun! For the safety and enjoyment of all players, a participant may exit a live room escape game at any time if things get too real. Keep in mind, once you exit you can’t re-enter.

Do people fail escape rooms?

An appropriate level of difficulty: Most Escape Rooms have a success rate of about 30%. You should also aim for this rate as an Escape Room operator.2020-03-05

How long is the longest escape room?

The longest escape room in the world is the ‘Paradox Project’ in Greece and it can take up to 3 hours to complete! On the other hand, the shortest one is only 5 minutes long! It’s ‘The Chamber’ and is part of a Halloween haunted house pop-up called Evidence of Evil in Connecticut, USA.2020-09-09

Can you get trapped in an escape room?

Whether you’re new to escape rooms or a regular player, at some point you’re bound to get stuck, and that can be frustrating. But don’t worry — there are some simple things you and your team can do to get the wheels turning and put yourselves back on track.2021-05-17

Whats the average time for an escape room?

How long it takes to escape from the room is down to your team, but the whole experience usually lasts between 75 and 90 minutes. This consists of a 10-15 minute introductory brief, followed by 60-ish minutes of gameplay within the room itself, then a short 5 minute debrief and photo opportunity at the end.

Does everyone survive in escape room?

Surprise surprise, each of the six players in Escape Room are the only people to walk away from disasters, whether they be of their own doing, or just an unlucky twist of fate.2019-01-07

What is the success rate of escape rooms?

about 30%

How often do people fail escape rooms?

The main thing to know about an escape rate is…that you’re more than likely NOT going to escape. Most escape rates are nearly 30-35%, which mean 65-70% will fail to escape.2019-03-16

What is the hardest escape room in the world?

ONE OF THE HARDEST AND SCARIEST ESCAPE ROOMS IN THE USA. Deep within the dark recesses of the forests in Oregon lies an evil like no other. A disbarred geneticist named Dr.2015-09-11

What is the number one escape room in the world?

1. Sherlocked-the Vault (Netherlands) The Sherlocked escape room is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

What is the fastest escape room time?

A team of software engineers from Qualtrics residing in Dublin Ireland set the new World Record time for The Corporate Escape Room, finishing at 33:14 (thirty-three minutes and 14 seconds)!2020-10-14

Does everyone survive escape room?

Eventually, only two contestants remained: Ben (Logan Miller) and Zoey (Taylor Russell). Ben met the Gamemaster, who, as his name implied, controlled the games. The whole thing was created by someone called the Puzzle Maker for the entertainment of wealthy viewers who bet on which player will make it out alive.2021-06-17

Why do escape rooms fail?

Failure to plan is rife in every field. Because who becomes attracted to Escape Rooms, this lack may be a leading cause of failure. Many early entrants started an Escape Room because they had become vigorous aficionados of games.2018-06-05

Does escape room have time limit?

No matter the escape room rules, theme, or puzzles, they all have one motivating factor: the time limit. Most games have a 60-minute deadline to keep you busy!2019-09-05

Do they all survive in escape room?

The games were designed to test who is the luckiest among them. Eventually, only two contestants remained: Ben (Logan Miller) and Zoey (Taylor Russell).2021-06-17

The Torture Chamber Escape Room | Exit Strategy Games

the torture chamber $25-$50 book now 2-12 players 60 minutes medium difficulty STANDARD – Private Escape Room You have been captured by the evil ARK Serial Killer. You and your friends have been locked in his bloody Torture Chamber, where he has killed and mutilated countless other victims before you.

Torture Chamber Escape Room – Scavenger Escape Game Doha

Torture Chamber Escape Room – Scavenger Escape Game Doha Torture Chamber You wake up in a dark room, locked in chains. In the flickering light you find out you’re not alone. Through the bars you see torture devices, bloody body parts and your obsessed guard, a mutant half man, half robot cyborg. The same question runs through your heads.

Torture Chamber Escape Room – Scavenger Escape Game Vienna

Torture Chamber Escape Room – Scavenger Escape Game Vienna Torture Chamber You wake up in a dark room, locked in chains. In the flickering light you find out you’re not alone. Through the bars you see torture devices, bloody body parts and your obsessed guard, a mutant half man, half robot cyborg. The same question runs through your heads.

Darkest Hour: Torture Chamber – Mission Escape Games

Face mask/coverings will be required in common areas within our facility. If you self-attest that you have been fully vaccinated you may remove your masks once inside the games. Our staff will continue to wear face masks for your safety. For parties larger than the capacity of the room, please call us at (657) 234-5625 during normal business hours.

Serial killer/torture chamber – Escape Room Guru

Leave a Comment / California, Historic, Los Angeles, Reviews, Serial killer/torture chamber, SoCal / By Quest Room Perfumer is an escape room that is (unofficially?) inspired by the book Perfume: A Story of a Murderer (as a side note, highly recommend the book as well as the movie). Despite it’s dark themes, this room is not horror nor is it scary.

Escape First 2 – Room: Torture Chamber – Walkthrough

“Escape First 2” is the second installment of a multiplayer escape room puzzle game for virtual reality or desktop PC! It includes 3 different escape rooms t

Mission 20 — Torture Chamber Escape – Metal Gear Solid

Torture Chamber The beginning of this Mission can be annoying. During your interrogation you’ll have to mash TRIANGLE to avoid passing out on three separate occasions. The third occasion is the

999: How To Escape The Torture Room Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

How To Escape The Torture Room To start your escape process, head to the table with a cloth to the right of the chair. Here, you will need to grab the wrench. After grabbing this, head to the porthole that is directly across from the chair.

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Our Rooms | The Only Escape Rooms In Elk Gove | Exit

You’ve been thrown into the dungeon torture chamber basement of a notorious serial killer called the American River Killer, or ARK killer for short. Fortunately, a former victim has hidden clues throughout the room to help you escape. Find them and get out in just 60 minutes, before the ARK killer returns to finish the job.

Torture room | Zero Escape Wiki | Fandom

The Torture Room is an escape room located on the Bottom Deck of the ship, behind Door 2 and past the Confinement Room. It is, as its name suggests, a torture room, and has several different kinds of torturing tools scattered around the vicinity. Contents 1 Layout 2 Story 2.1 Torture Chair 2.2 Escape 3 Items 3.1 Wrench 3.2 Sun Key 4 Minigames

Steam Community :: Guide :: 100% Achievement guide and

Torture chamber Select “Torture chamber” on the right wall and start a game. Pick up the torch from the wall, and use it on the rope hanging in the middle of the room. Once the hammer drops, pick it up and break the brick wall with it. Prisoner Escape from your cell Go through the opening all the way until you reach another room.

The Torture Chamber by Exit Strategy games – Escape Room

All you need to know about The Torture Chamber in Elk Grove, CA: Vital game details, editor’s view, curated reviews, covid updates, FAQs and more

Escape First 2 : The Walkthrough King

Escape Room Factory; The Torture Chamber; Escape First 2. Year: 2019. Genre: Mystery. Links: Moby Games, Steam. Escape First 2 is a first person escape room puzzle game, which can be played on desktop or with VR, and as a solo, cooperative or competitive experience. It contains 3 separate room escape challenges.

Torture Chamber Escape Room Game – YouTube

Exit Strategy Games is the Sacramento Area’s best escape room. Check us out at www.exitstrategygames.com. We are located in Elk Grove, CA. Escape rooms ar

Escape room "The Torture Chamber" by Exit Strategy in

Escape rooms in Sacramento The Torture Chamber Description: The American River Killer, notoriously dubbed the “ARK” killer, has captured you and your friends and locked you in his torture chamber. A previous victim has left clues and puzzles for you to solve to help you find your way out. The ARK killer has left for one hour.

Escape room "Escape the Darkest Hour: Torture Chamber" by

Mission Escape and Joe (Masterful Game Master) have done it again! Brought a mixed group of experienced and inexperienced escapers to try out the new Darkest Hour: Torture Chamber. We were wowed, spooked, tricked, and then escaped. Great take on this kind of horror theme. Very cohesive puzzles and clever guides.

Escape The Darkest Hour: The Torture Chamber by Mission

The Torture Chamber is a horror escape room conceptualized by Mission Escape Games.. An infamous psychopath kidnaps you and leaves you to stay in his unsettling bunker until he returns prepared for the slaughter. The hints and the riddles at your disposition are the only way for you to break free from his shackles. Within 60 minutes, can you storm out before the killer returns, or will you

McKamey Manor: 'Torture Chamber' Haunted House Petitioned

Roughly 80,000 people have signed a Change.org petition urging officials to shut down McKamey Manor, a Tennessee attraction critics call a “torture chamber.” The owner, Russ McKamey, told Insider the backlash is nothing new, and “people have always tried to shut down [McKamey Manor] or simply harass me.”

Escape the Darkest Hour: Torture Chamber escape room

Escape the Darkest Hour: Torture Chamber escape room ANAHEIM (CA) MISSION ESCAPE GAMES 10.0 3 REVIEWS More about this escape room There is a psychopath on the loose and you’ve been kidnapped! The killer likes to toy with victims and has left to make preparations… Escape within the hour or become the next victims! MORE INFO Contact

Torture Chamber Escape | Peace Walker Wiki | Fandom

Torture Chamber Escape. The mission starts with a cut-scene. You will need to mash Triangle to survive the torture. The first two times are rather easy, the third is harder. When you wake up in the cell, go to the sink and extract the jigsaw, and hack your way out. Make sure the guard does not see you escaping.

Torture chamber – Wikipedia

A torture chamber is a room where torture is inflicted. The medieval torture chamber was windowless and often built underground, was lit by a few candles and was specifically designed to induce “horror, dread and despair” to anyone but those possessing a strong mind and “nerves of steel”.

Torture Chamber – "Help Hanna!" – Escape Room in Vienna

Torture Chamber – “Help Hanna!” escape room in Vienna, Austria See details of the room, rate this room and see other people’s rating.

Torture Chamber – Addicting Games

Torture Chamber: Back, You Pointed Spikes! Back!! Free Funny Games from AddictingGames

Steam Community :: Guide :: Escape First 2 | Walkthrough

Host a “Torture Chamber” room and start the game. Pick up the torch and use it on the rope hanging at the center of the room. Pick up the hammer that dropped and use it on the weak spot of the wall. Prisoner Escape from your cell Make your way through the tunnel until you reach a new room.

Escape Game Escape Room Game DIY Printable Game Kit

Torture Chamber | Printable Escape Room. 1 Helpful Ashley 5 out of 5 stars. We did this in between and it was a nice quick game. Always have fun doing these! Purchased item: Torture Chamber + BONUS Dream Hack Online Escape Room | Printable Puzzle Game | Family Fun Party Game | Printable Escape Room Kit

Review: Mission Escape Games – Escape The Darkest Hour:

Escape the Darkest Hour: Torture Chamber raises the bar for everything produced by the brand to date – and most excitingly, it is the new gold standard for everything they do moving forward. The space is exceedingly unwelcoming. There’s a clearly ominous, almost threatening aura about it. The very real sense of urgency exists from the

Escape the Hydeout – Mission Escape Games | Anaheim

4-10 Players: $32 per person. Friday-Sunday: 2-3 Players: $135 Total (For The Whole Room) 4-10 Players: $35pp. Theme: Mystery-Themed, Adventure. Type: Private. Special Notes: All rooms will be sanitized before/after each game. Face mask/coverings will be required in common areas within our facility.

Mission Escape Games (Anaheim) – All You Need to Know

Our group featured 5 escape room first-timers (myself included), and we only needed 1 hint to finish with over 10 minutes to spare. Everyone in the group played a role in solving at least 1 of the many steps to escape. I would say the room size is more fitting for slightly smaller groups, but the decor created the appropriate bank atmosphere.

PanIQ Escape Room San Francisco – Brand NEW Rooms!

Check out the hottest new themes at our spot in the Mission District, where you can escape a medieval torture chamber, prevent a terrorist attack, or conquer the trials to become a magical master. Be the first to take on these trend-setting, 3rd generation rooms.

Alternative way for the torture chamber? – Arqade

Alternative way for the torture chamber? Ask Question Asked 7 years, 9 months ago. Modified 4 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 3k times 3 I am stuck at the button mashing sequence at the beginning of Main Ops 20: Torture Chamber Escape. To be precise, I broke a PS3 controller trying to do this, and still haven’t seen the following of the mission.

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Chambers Escape Games | #1 Rated Escape Room in Hawaii

Chambers Escape Games brings the most immersive, high-tech, and exciting escape room experiences from around the world straight to Oahu in Honolulu! Test your wits, skill, and teamwork as you race against the clock in the most exhilarating real-life adventure you will ever play!

PanIQ Escape Room Chicago – Next Generation Rooms

PanIQ Escape Room Chicago Wherever you are in the city, PanIQ Room is waiting to be the most exciting part of your next outing. If you’re looking for some new things to do, our escape rooms are an awesome type of team building activity in which players are placed in a room with a mission to accomplish within a one hour time limit.

'Scariest Haunted House,' McKamey Manor: 5 Fast Facts

A petition to shut down McKamey Manor has drawn more than 80,000 signatures. “It’s a torture chamber under disguise,” the petition website claims. The experience is controversial. Nashville

Des Moines – Escape Chambers

Escape Chambers: Choose your adventure and escape reality! Escape Rooms are recommended for date nights, team building, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate outings, students, or anyone else who likes to adventure! Postal Address: 338 SW 6th St, Des Moines, IA 50309. Phone: (515) 528-8414. Email: [email protected]

How to Escape the Abductor's Inquisition Chamber – Elden

How to Escape the Abductor’s Inquisition Chamber updated 3.18.22 During your exploration in Academy of Raya Lucaria you may come across, and be killed by, one of the two Abductor Virgins located

Bucha massacre – Wikipedia

The Bucha massacre was the killing and abuse of Ukrainian civilians by Russian Armed Forces during the fight for and occupation of the Ukrainian city of Bucha amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.Photographic and video evidence of the massacre emerged on 1 April 2022 after Russian forces withdrew from the city. According to the mayor, 412 bodies have been found in the aftermath of the incident.

How do I get past torture chamber escape? – Metal Gear

B) There is a terminal that can adjust the voltage, which may help for the torture sequences if reached fast enough by 2P (and if 1P doesn’t skip ahead to the shockings). C) As with all other Ops, if you can select this Main Op as a host/in single player, clearing it as 2P unlock the next mission in Main Ops for CO-OPS and Single Player as well


THE DUNGEON is a location within SWEETHEART’S CASTLE in OMORI. It is a large dungeon where SWEETHEART locks up any of her prisoners for her own amusement. THE DUNGEON is the second mandatory location within SWEETHEART’S CASTLE. This is where the party is taken to after HERO rejects SWEETHEART’s proposal to marry her. From there, the party must find an escape route while exploring the place but

16 Best Escape Rooms in Los Angeles | Escape Room Tips

Pyramid (Escape Room LA) – Grand set with impressive reveals; Magic Kingdom (Maze Rooms) Bloody Elbow is an “escape from the torture chamber” game. While there are plenty of torture devices, loose body parts, and things that will make you uncomfortable, there are no jump scares or live actors in this game.

Escape Chambers – Choose your adventure, escape reality

Escape Chambers is a great way to build team work and equality among one another, plus it gets you out of the office! Travelers & Tourists Whether you are just passing through or staying for a while, Escape Chambers is a must stop destination.

Best Escape Room Games

From torture chamber to underwater spy world, the best escape room games out there incorporate amusing themes with intricate clues to give you an hour of complete fun. There’s nothing more enjoyable than experiences that can be shared, which is why each escape room game typically ranges from 2-7 people at a time.

Torture Chamber Photos and Premium High Res Pictures

Browse 402 torture chamber stock photos and images available, or search for medieval torture chamber to find more great stock photos and pictures. engraving torture chamber in nuremberg from 1870 – torture chamber stock illustrations. torture chamber, by hans schäufelin, 16th century, published in 1881 – torture chamber stock illustrations.

Torture Games – Play the Best Torture Games on SilverGames!

Torture Games are rather violent but fun physics-based ragdoll games and other experiments. The Geneva Convention forbids the use of torture on prisoners. But it doesn’t say anything about torture games. If you’ve always wanted to indulge the darker side of your personality, but wouldn’t want to hurt a fly in real life, the selection of torture games on Silvergames may be right up your alley.

TerrainCrate- Torture Chamber – Subcultures

With this torture chamber, you will have ways of making them talk! It includes iron maidens, surgical tools, torture racks, coffins and hapless cadavers of past victims. This set contains 5 pre-coloured pieces of plastic terrain, including: 1 Brown Cage. 2 Brown Torture Racks. 2 Brown Torture Tables. 2 Brown Surgical Tray Tables.

The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism (1967) – IMDb

The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism: Directed by Harald Reinl. With Lex Barker, Karin Dor, Christopher Lee, Carl Lange. A Count executed for murdering twelve virgins in a bid for immortality returns to life, seeking revenge on the daughter of his intended thirteenth victim and the son of his prosecutor.

EscapeRumors.com: Escape Room Reviews For Enthusiasts

Torture Chamber: 4 cousins all stumbling blindly around with bags over our heads waiting for the room to start. Conspiracy Theory : A puzzle reward dropping down with a bang and nearly giving the team members over 50 a collective heart attack.

HH Holmes – American Serial Killer Uses Hotel As Torture

The hotel portion was never completed. In 1892, the hotel was somewhat completed, with three stories and a basement. The first floor was the storefront. The second story consisted of his elaborate torture rooms, which contained a chute that led to the basement. The third floor held more apartment rooms.

Torture Room Had Dental Chair & Gardening Tools | Heavy.com

Dutch police uncovered a shipping container they say was converted into a torture room that held a dentist chair with arm and leg straps and tools including things like pruning shears, a branch

Room 101, the torture chamber in George Orwell's 1984, was

Room 101, the torture chamber in George Orwell’s 1984, was named after a conference room at the BBC where Orwell would have to sit through tortuously boring meetings Feb 7, 2017 Goran Blazeski “Sometimes, she said they threaten you with something- something you can’t stand up to- can’t even think about.

Torture Mansion Chapter 1: To the Pain Room, a horror

Torture Mansion Chapter 1: To the Pain Room, a horror fiction | FictionPress. 1. To the Pain Room. She turned her head rapidly to the right. Black was extracting a long nail out of the drawer. She twisted her neck to the left with increasing fear. Her arm, screaming with pain, lay there, bleeding from the deep gashes that Black had so skilfully

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McKamey Manor: Haunted House or Torture Chamber? – uDOu PH

Recently, McKamey Manor has been on fire for alleged exploitation and overboard torture of people that go on its tour. For people who aren’t aware of it, McKamey Manor is a ‘haunted house’ owned and run by Russ McKamey. It has been the talk of people recently because of a tweet that was circulating on social media.

12 Cool Escape Room Experiences in Los Angeles

PanicIQ Room Hollywood has two escape rooms, Bunker, where you can play a terrorist locked in a torture chamber or Insane Asylum, where your team worked to solve the mystery of a patient who disappeared 70 years ago. Each escape is 60 minutes for two to six players and there are many other themed rooms like steampunk, aliens, and casino.

Watch Torture Chamber | Prime Video

Torture Chamber (36) 2.9 1 h 33 min 2013 R. Members of a religious community try to save the soul of a possessed boy and his child cohorts after he escapes from an asylum and starts murdering anyone who gets in his way. Kid and other burnt kids escape they drag people out of their homes and roast em. One minute mom sad another minute she

A torture chamber is uncovered by arson – HISTORY

A torture chamber is uncovered by arson. On , a fire at the LaLaurie mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana, leads to the discovery of a torture chamber where enslaved workers are

EXIT STRATEGY GAMES – 161 Photos & 384 Reviews – Escape

Then try our popular Torture Chamber where you get a chance to escape from the evil ARK killer. Want a different type of escape room? Try our Spy vs Spy room, our 70’s themed room that has a game within a game. Not only do you have to escape the room, but you have to figure out who you are and who you can trust before time runs out.

Torture chamber – definition of torture chamber by The

Define torture chamber. torture chamber synonyms, torture chamber pronunciation, torture chamber translation, English dictionary definition of torture chamber. Noun 1. torture chamber – a room in which torture is inflicted room – an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; “the rooms were

Petition claims Tennessee 'torture chamber under disguise

Petition claims Tennessee ‘torture chamber under disguise’ goes too far , 4:38 AM A petition for an extreme haunted attraction named McMamey Manor has gathered thousands of signatures.

Torture Room Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images

Browse 333 torture room stock photos and images available, or search for torture chamber or red light district to find more great stock photos and pictures. Vector medieval prison cell, game background Vector concept illustration with medieval prison cell.

Gas Chamber Escape – Deathloop

How To Escape The Gas Chamber In Deathloop. Now you’re inside, you’ll be locked in. There’s a man talking to you from behind bulletproof glass, and he starts seeping gas into the chamber. You actually have a deceptively long time to escape – but we should still work fast regardless. Up the stairs to the left of the room is a box – you can

Torturomatic – Stickman Killing Chamber Game

Torturomatic sets you in control of the ultimate torture machine. Use acid, chainsaws, spikes, gattling guns and many more tools to cause as much pain to the stickman as possible. Use arrow keys to determine the best path through the torture chamber. At every parting of the way you can decide which direction to go in order to cause the poor little man even more pain.

Mission Escape Games: Escape the – Room Escape Artist

Be Forewarned. Room escape games are typically about as scary as coming home to an empty house with all of the lights on. “Mission Escape Games: Escape the Darkest Hour” is a horror game. You should not do this if: This is your first room escape game. Horror movies leave you crying or cowering. You are afraid of the dark, claustrophobic, or

Escape the Room – Unblocked Games 66 EZ – Google Search

Cool play Escape the Room unblocked games 66 at school⭐ We have added only the best 66 unblocked games easy for school to the site. ️ Our unblocked games are always free on google site.

"torture chamber" Movies — The Movie Database (TMDB)

A brilliant but deranged neurosurgeon becomes obsessively fixated on a judge’s daughter who in no way wants him. With the help of an escaped criminal whose face he has surgically deformed, the mad man lures her, her father, and her fiancé to his isolated castle-like home, where he has created a torture chamber with the intent of torturing them for having ‘tortured’ him.

9 Best Escape Rooms in Sacramento to Test Your Smarts

The Séance is Escape Sacramento’s most multifaceted room, integrating puzzling and atmosphere, as well as a few thrills along the way. Enter the Torture Chamber and try to escape from a

Auschwitz-Themed Escape Room Stops Selling Tickets Amid

The company’s remaining escape rooms include a Hannibal torture chamber, a murderous clown story, and one that’s even inspired by The Green Mile.The way the existing marketing for these events

Torture Games – Free Torture Games

Free Torture games. We have the best torture games online here on GamesButler! We have 62 games falling under this category to play for free online with new games added regularly. Our favorite titles are Torture Game 3, Torture Game 4, Torture Others Game 2, and even more! More games are added everyday. View all torture games.

Torture Chamber III – Stick Games

Torturomatic. Use chainsaws, spears, gattling guns, acid, lava and loads more in your quest to dish out some much needed punishment to a bunch of well deserving stickmen! Stick Figure Penalty 2. Not a good day to be a stick man. Another game in the choose your own stick death games. Stick Figure Penalty.

Escape rooms in Sacramento County – Escape the Review

Escape rooms in Sacramento County. By escapethereview | . 0 Comment. Outside the UK we only list games for which we have ratings / reviews – this is only a selection of the escape games available. Sacramento County, Greater Sacramento, Northern California, California, USA, North America. Show:

Choose your escape room – Escape room Den Bosch

Choose your escape room. You will never forget your visit to Escape room Den Bosch. With our real-life escape game you will experience with your colleagues, friends or family 60 minutes of excitement and adventure. Make a choice from three challenging rooms. Get carried away in the mystery all around The Lost Son.

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story (1994) – IMDb

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story: Directed by Bosco Lam. With Yvonne Hung Yung, Lawrence Ng, Aman Chang, Yiu-Fai Cheung. In ancient China, rich Prince married to sexually obsessed Princess. Despite all the love delights of her husband, she finds a lover and betrayed him sophisticated passion.

Escape First 2 for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo

The Torture Chamber A medieval dungeon, filled with torture devices, prison cages and not many prisoners left. While visiting an Escape Room Factory, you black out and wake up in the bathroom

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