What is Boeing’s next new plane?

What is Boeing’s next new plane?

Boeing’s newest aircraft, the Boeing 777X, flew for the first time in January 2020 after lengthy delays. It’s the largest twin-engine jet in the world and Boeing’s latest new aircraft to fly since the grounding of the 737 Max. Boeing said in April that certification delays have pushed its first delivery back to 2025.prieš 6 dienas

What is Boeing’s organizational structure?

Boeing is organized into three business units: Commercial Airplanes; Defense, Space & Security; and Boeing Global Services, which began operations July 1, 2017. Supporting these units is Boeing Capital Corporation, a global provider of financing solutions.

What is Boeing’s core values?

Boeing core values include “Integrity, quality, safety, diversity & inclusion, trust & respect, corporate citizenship, and stakeholder success.” They define the basic principles that have seen the company progress towards both its mission and vision statements.

What is Boeing’s business model?

Boeing produces commercial and military aircraft, weapons systems, strategic defense and intelligence systems, and related products and services. The Defense, Space and Security unit has overtaken Commercial Airplanes as Boeing’s largest revenue source. The U.S. government is one of Boeing’s largest customers.

What is Boeing currently working on?

New product development efforts include the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, the 737 MAX, and the 777X. More than 10,000 Boeing-built commercial jetliners are in service worldwide, which is almost half the world fleet.

What is in a vision statement?

A vision statement is the anchor point of any strategic plan. It outlines what an organization would like to ultimately achieve and gives purpose to the existence of the organization. A well-written vision statement should be short, simple, specific to your business, leave nothing open to interpretation.2022-01-24

What is Boeing’s future?

Boeing’s 20-year commercial forecast through 2040 projects demand for more than 43,500 new airplanes valued at $7.2 trillion, an increase of about 500 planes over last year’s forecast. In a significant area of growth, projected demand has increased for dedicated freighters, including new and converted models.2021-09-14

What is Boeing business level strategy?

According to the Boeing company overview, Boeing’s company mission and corporate level strategy is to design and assemble and support commercial jetliners, defense systems, satellites and launch vehicles, integrate large-scale systems; develop networking technology and network-centric solutions, provide financing

What is Boeing’s mission statement?

The mission statement reads: “People working together as a global enterprise for aerospace industry leadership.” At first glance, it’s a relatively simple statement: People collaborating to ensure Boeing is the best at what they do.

What is Boeing’s strategic plan?

Boeing’s recent strategy focuses on closing the gap between the company’s perception and production. All over the world, Boeing is seen as a manufacturer of commercial airplanes. However, it also a manufacturer of the defense system and communications. It creates space technology and military aircraft as well.

What is Boeing’s purpose?

Boeing’s mission statement is: “To connect, protect, explore, and inspire the world through aerospace innovation.”

Why do all Boeing’s start with 7?

So, to sum up, Why do Boeing models start with a 7? The engineering division dedicated the number 700 to jet-engined aircraft. Boeing’s marketing division realized that the name 700 for their first jet aircraft would sound boring, so they suggested the name to be the 707, which had quite a nice ring to it.2019-05-13

What is Boeing’s vision statement?

Boeing’s vision statement is “designed to inspire and focus all employees on a shared future and to reaffirm that, together, we can meet the challenges that lie ahead.” The central focus of this vision statement is the role that Boeing as an entity plays in influencing its workforce.

What are Boeings guiding principles?

Safety, quality, integrity, and transparency must be at the forefront as we design, build, and service our products. We live these values by holding ourselves to the highest standards of conduct in how we do our work, and how we treat one another.

Does Boeing use a global strategy?

Boeing is actively pursuing a strategy for globalization and global value creation through new partnerships, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, supplier relationships and a greatly expanded international presence.

Is Boeing a sustainable company?

Boeing Reaches Net-Zero Carbon Emissions from Manufacturing and Worksites. Boeing operations achieve net-zero in 2020 by expanding conservation and renewable energy use while tapping responsible offsets for the remaining greenhouse gas emissions.

What is Boeing developing?

In September, Boeing created a development program office, and in November named their company veteran and 777X chief project engineer Terry Beezhold, without a role yet. Its introduction could slip from 2024–25 to 2027, pushing the 737 replacement to after 2030.

What is unique about Boeing?

Largest Building on Earth Guinness World Records list the Boeing Everett factory as the largest building in the world by volume at 472 million cubic feed (13.3 million cubic meters).

Boeing: Compliance & Ethics

Every year, Boeing employees reaffirm their commitment to do their work in a compliant and ethical manner, and respect one another, by reading and signing the Boeing Code of Conduct. Because our Code of Conduct guides the way we do our work every day, we provide the code in 18 languages to reach employees in their native language.

PDF Boeing Code of Conduct

Boeing Code of Conduct . At The Boeing Company, our first commitment is to the people and customers who rely on our products and services to protect, connect, and explore our world and beyond. We are each personally responsible for honoring that commitment and for serving as stewards of our company’s legacy of aerospace excellence and innovation.

Boeing-Code of Ethics – Term Paper Warehouse

Code of Ethics In March of 2005, Boeing’s Board, “asked for and received” CEO Harry Stonecipher’s resignation, this action was taken following an investigation into a personal relationship between Stonecipher and a female executive of the company (MSN Money, 2005, p.1).

Case Study: The Boeing Code Of Business Ethics | ipl.org

Case Study: The Boeing Code Of Business Ethics. The Board and the corporate officers recognize that the long-term interests of the company are advanced when they are responsive to the concerns of communities, customers, employees, public officials, shareholders and suppliers. Additionally, the Board has adopted a Code of Ethical Business

Boeing Corruption Case: Boeing's Code Of Ethics | ipl.org

Although “Boeing Ethics” would not act despite multiple witnesses in each case, I did learn some important facts myself This “Code of Conduct” further insulated Boeing management from their and their department’s actions, like the “Boeing Ethics” department does as noted above. If …show more content…

The Boeing Company Code of Ethical Business Conduct for

The Boeing Company . Code of Ethical Business Conduct for . Members of the Board of Directors The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of The Boeing Company (the “Company”) has adopted the following Code of Ethical Business Conduct (the “Code”) for directors of the Company (“Directors”). This Code is intended to focus the Board and

The Boeing Company Code of Conduct – SEC

The Boeing Code of Conduct outlines expected behaviors for all Boeing employees. Boeing will conduct its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In conducting its business, integrity must underlie all company relationships, including those with customers

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PDF Ethical Business Conduct Guidelines

Ethics Advisors are Boeing employees who serve as independent counselors. They have access to top management and are well versed in Boeing values and the Boeing Ethical Business Conduct policy and related procedures.

The Ethical Failures Behind the Boeing – Blog of the APA

The Ethical Failures Behind the Boeing Disasters. by Martin Peterson. April 8, 2019. 7. Two Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplanes crashed shortly after takeoff, on near Jakarta, Indonesia and , near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The disasters cost the lives of 346 passengers and crew. Black box data recovered from the two planes

Here's What We Can Learn from Boeing's Unhealthy Corporate

Ann Skeet is the senior director of leadership ethics at the Markkula Center of Applied Ethics. Views are her own. The crash of a second Boeing Max 737 jet within several months has moved the airline industry to deploy its regular post-mortem approach following such tragedies — a sound way to explore failures and also raise ethical issues.

Engineering Ethics and the Boeing Scandal – Ethics Unwrapped

Although each of these texts lacks a behavioral ethics section which we believe is a weakness, all three are substantively excellent. However, the most educational book on engineering ethics published recently is likely Peter Robison’s new book on the Boeing 737 MAX scandal: Flying Blind: The 737 MAX Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing (2021).

Boeing Code of Ethics by Teresa Lem – Prezi

Understanding the code of ethics and its impacts Boeing Code of Ethics Team D 1,13,18 Responsibility: Reporting and Guidance Core Values Without exception, comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations Continue compliance throughout employment with Boeing Promptly report

PDF Supplier Code of Conduct – boeingsuppliers.com

Boeing is a member of the International Forum on Business Ethical Conduct (IFBEC), and The Boeing Supplier Code of Conduct outlines expected behaviors for all suppliers, including their employees and agents, building upon the voluntary model created by the IFBEC.

The Boeing 737 MAX: Lessons for Engineering Ethics

Since the two crashes, one Boeing engineer, Curtis Ewbank, filed an internal ethics complaint (Kitroeff et al. 2019b) and several current and former Boeing engineers and other employees have gone public with various concerns about the 737 MAX (Pasztor 2019). And yet, as is often the case, the flawed design went forward with tragic results.

PDF Ethical and Moral Considerations

CODE OF ETHICS • Highlights from the IEEE Code of Ethics: “To accept responsibility in making decisions consistent with the safety, health, and welfare of the public, and to disclose promptly factors that ETHICS CASE STUDIES Boeing 737 Max MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) The Setup: Boeing designed the 737 Max 8 to

Boeing Company Ethical Business Conduct

The Boeing Ethics Line provides all Boeing employees and others with a means of communicating questions and concerns regarding matters that may be in violation of Boeing policy, procedures, laws, or regulations, such as improper, illegal, or unethical business practices and health, safety, and environmental issues.

Code of Conduct – Boeing Portfolio

The Boeing Code of Conduct outlines expected behaviors for all Boeing employees. Boeing willconduct its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, in full compliance with all. applicable laws and regulations, and consistent with the Boeing values. In conducting its business, integrity must underlie all company relationships

Boeing's Unethical Practices|Business Ethics Case Studies

Boeing also had a comprehensive code of ethics (Refer Exhibit I).To oversee the implementation of the ethical code, the BoD appointed an Ethics and Business Conduct Committee. The committee comprised of the company chairman, CEO, chief operating officer, presidents and vice presidents of Boeing’s business units.

PDF Boeing Code of Conduct – mtlandtitle.com

The Boeing Code of Conduct outlines expected behaviors for all Boeing employees. Boeing will conduct its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In conducting its business,


boeing “code of ethics” • ethics focused • has a published “code” for both members and directors • code encourages members to enforce ethical behavior • “(1) encourage employees to talk to supervisors, managers and other appropriate personnel when in doubt about the best course of action in a particular situation; (2) encourage employees to report violations of laws, rules

Code of Conduct & Ethics – Spirit / Boeing Employees

SBEA Code of Conduct & Ethics. 1. Purpose. 1.1. SBEA is committed to the highest Code of Conduct and Ethical standards and complying with all rules, conduct, laws and regulations. 1.2. The purpose of this writing is to establish and document expectations of SBEA members for accountability in Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.


Strengthened ethics processes, procedures, and people • Heightened employee awareness and increased number of inquiries • Increased management ownership Boeing is committed to the highest business conduct and compliance.

How Boeing Lost Its Way – Forbes

Boeing touts on its Ethics and Compliance webpage that it hosts an annual company-wide broadcast with all its employees “to underscore the importance of intentional and ethical decision-making

Here Are The Rules Every Boeing Employee Must Follow

Each employee has the responsibility to speak up, seek guidance, and raise concerns about potential violations of the Code of Conduct. Every year, managers and workers meet to review Boeing’s expectations to hold themselves accountable, keep promises, and model ethical behavior.

PDF Code of Business Conduct and Ethics of Spirit Airlines

This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code”) contains general guidelines for conducting the business of Spirit Airlines, Inc. (the “Company”) consistent with the highest standards of business ethics. To the extent this Code requires a higher standard than required by

(DOC) Boeing code of conduct | moustapha mahamat ousmane

3. Expected behaviors The Boeing Code of Conduct outlines expected behaviors for all Boeing employees. Boeing will conduct its business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In conducting its business, integrity must underlie all company relationships, including

Principles | Boeing Intelligence & Analytics

The Boeing Ethics Line is staffed during business hours, five days a week, and is available to all BI&A employees at all levels from anywhere in the company, including subsidiaries. Advisors are available to listen to and act upon concerns expressed by callers about possible violations of laws, regulations, or company policies.


Code often and reinforce it by discussing Code topics in your team communications. » Escalate promptly and appropriately when you see or suspect a violation of our Code; do not conduct your own investigation. » Never retaliate, or allow others to retaliate, against employees who have shared concerns.

Did Boeing bribe the FAA? – Ru-facts.com

What is Boeing’s code of ethics? The highest standards of ethical business conduct are required of Boeing employees in the performance of their company responsibilities. Employees will not engage in conduct or activity that may raise questions as to the company’s honesty, impartiality, reputation or otherwise cause embarrassment to the company.

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Code of Ethics and Conduct – Boeing | Blue Cross and Blue

Code of Ethics and Conduct. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity as well as strict observance and compliance with the laws and regulations governing its business operations. BCBSIL has adopted a Code of Ethics and Conduct for our workers, as well as a Vendor Code

Boeing and the Ethical Standards of Engineering | Horizons

Boeing and the Ethical Standards of Engineering. / marksaronson. As news continues to pour in about the crashes of two Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes, my thinking as engineer turns to how a system of failures resulted in these planes being built and allowed to fly. As with everything, it is more convenient to simplify the situation down

More on Boeing and Business Ethics – Radical Compliance

An ethics and compliance officer’s job is mostly about embedding ethical awareness into employees’ routines and behaviors — by force of rules, technology, internal controls, and disciplinary policy if necessary; but fundamentally, the job is about forcing patterns of behavior. The conundrum exemplified by Boeing and the MAX jet is different.

Boeing Safety Engineer Filed Ethics Complaint Last Year

A Boeing engineer filed an ethics complaint last year accusing the company of rejecting 737 Max safety upgrades. Meanwhile, the FAA has ordered airlines to inspect other 737s for structural cracks.

After Wawa, Boeing headlines, the question of ethics leads

What you end up with is top brass — managers and their supposed watchdogs — living by this “unwritten code of conduct,” he said. They have all the decision-making power as labor and other stakeholders have been marginalized by federal law since the 1980s, and you end up with this: “The ethical climate in American business is in

Boeing's 737 MAX Crisis Is A Leadership Issue – Forbes

Boeing’s 737 MAX Crisis Is A Leadership Issue. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Just over a week ago Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed, killing all 157 people on board

A Virtue Ethics Analysis of the Boeing 737 MAX Design

When applying virtue ethics, the virtues relevant to the situation depend on the context and the nature of the acting individual. In the case of the design of the 737 MAX and inclusion of the MCAS, I define the relevant rules to be the INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) code of ethics.

PDF FAA Order 3750.7B – Ethical Conduct and Financial Disclosure

responsibility for ensuring compliance with the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 a,s amended, Title 5 United States Code, App. 6, and Part 2638 of Title 5 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Office of Government Ethics and Executive Agency Ethics Program Responsibilities, 5 CFR Part 2638, and by the Acquisition Management System. 2. Audience.

Kellogg Company | Ethics & Culture

Our Global Code of Ethics and K Values™ preserve our enduring commitment to integrity by shaping our ethical performance culture and by providing clear guidance so our employees and stakeholders know where we stand and how we conduct business globally. Both demonstrate our unwavering commitment to doing business the right way – the Kellogg way.

PDF Final Assessment the Boeing Company

Boeing Code of Conduct, our values, a summary of some of our key policies and procedures, examples of ethical questions you might face, information about business compliance issues, and a listing of resources you can turn to when you need ethical advice or help. oeing’s business plans cannot happen without integrity.

NAE Website – EES Perspective: Ethical Decision Making and

It then illustrates the application of ethics to the Boeing 737 MAX accidents, disease containment, and persistent contrails. Two Relevant Ethical Theories While ethical decision making is of paramount importance for any industry devoted to safety, deciding the best course of action is often fraught with difficulties.

Boeing Chief Is Ousted After – The New York Times

Boeing’s code, which the company’s 160,000 employees must sign, states that employees “will not engage in conduct or activity” that could embarrass the company or raise questions about its honesty

Boeing may not practice the ethics it preaches

The Boeing Co. gives a lot of emphasis to the subject of corporate ethics. It has a detailed companywide policy stating that “the highest standards of ethical business conduct are required of

Boeing Discovered Problem With Warning Light But Didn't

Ethics; Boeing Discovered Problem With Warning Light But Didn’t Notify For A Year Engineers at the company discovered a problem with a key safety indicator light within months of the first

(PDF) Case study: The Boeing company strategic analysis

and 3) The Boeing Code of Conduct, that applies to all employees, including the . CEO” (Source: Boeing 2017 Annual Report). 11. Generic competitive strategy .

Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct

List of Codes of Conduct for a variety of companies, including Baxter, Boeing, Compaq, Enron, HP, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Sara Lee, Texas Instruments, Verizon, and Willams-Sonoma, to name a few, can be found at this link.

Boeing's Unethical Practices|Business Ethics Case Studies

Boeing’s Board had independent directors in the majority. The company was also well-known for the values and ethical code of conduct it had laid down.However, the company came under criticism on several occasions for its alleged unethical practices. The case focuses on these ethical lapses that are alleged to have occurred in Boeing.

Analysis: Boeing conduct code worked properly, expert says

Analysis: Boeing conduct code worked properly, expert says. In late 2003, racked by scandal, The Boeing Co. brought Chief Executive Harry Stonecipher out of retirement to be its knight in shining

IN BRIEF: Boeing names chief compliance officer amid aims

Amuluru will help lead Boeing’s principal ethics and compliance organizations and co-chair its Compliance Risk Management Board, the aerospace company said in a statement on Thursday. She will

PDF Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

The purpose of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is to provide officers, directors and employees with guidelines for making ethical decisions in the conduct of their work. The Code is a set of core values, standards and behaviors within the organization that guide employees’ commitment to the highest ethical standards.

PDF Ethics Code of Conduct 2020 – Lockheed Martin

Ethics Code of Conduct 2020 – Lockheed Martin

PDF Code of Conduct – ADM

integrity and ethical business conduct. On the following pages, you will find our Code of Conduct. This Code is designed to guide us in our work activities, wherever we are located. It shows how to conduct our business in an ethical and legal manner, and explains the laws, regulations and policies we need to know and follow.

PDF Code of Conduct – Bayer

10 Code of Conduct 2016 Compliance Hotline 1-888-765-3846 11 Our Ethics violation of the law or company policy, or raises any compliance matter, will not be subject to any retaliation or adverse action based upon such report.

NLRB Advice Memo: Boeing Code of Conduct Lands on the

Specifically, the Code of Conduct is contained within Boeing’s 43-page Ethical Business Conduct Guidelines, and the Guidelines provide many examples of prohibited conduct, such as bribery and insider trading. This led Advice to conclude that reasonable employees would understand that the document targets potential ethical lapses rather than

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PDF Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct1 is intended to provide guidance to help resolve ethical dilemmas that are likely to be confronted within the course of their employment with WHO. The issues listed in the Code are not exhaustive and do not seek to envisage every potential ethical dilemma. For more information contact the Ethics team in

Harry Stonecipher – Wikipedia

Harry C. Stonecipher (born ) is a former president and chief executive officer of American aerospace companies McDonnell Douglas and, later, The Boeing Company.Stonecipher was widely credited with the seeming resurgence of Boeing after government procurement scandals. However, his tenure also included major decisions to change Boeing’s design and sourcing process for the new 787

Ethics | Lockheed Martin

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, Setting the Standard, outlines our high expectations for employees and others who act on behalf of our company and provides the foundation for our award-winning Ethics program. We require all employees, consultants, contract laborers and Board members to agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.

The Boeing 737 MAX: Lessons for Engineering Ethics

The reports of prominent cases with breaches of codes of ethics, such as that of Mizuho Securities/Tokyo Stock Exchange, Volkswagen Emissions, and Boeing 737 MAX [3, 4], only undermine public

Boeing Must Inspect Older 737 Jets After Indonesia Crash

All Boeing 737-300, -400 and -500 planes will need to be examined, a total of 143 aircraft, according to a document from the Federal Aviation Administration seen by AFP.

Integrity & Compliance | Honeywell

Honeywell employees are trained in our Code of Business Conduct, which is designed to provide guidance on the Company’s standards of Integrity and Compliance. Our Code is an integral element of the Honeywell Behaviors. It describes the basic rules of conduct that we are expected to follow.

Boeing's: No Nerds, No Birds (F): The NSPE Code of Ethics

Boeing’s: No Nerds, No Birds (F): The NSPE Code of Ethics change management case study solution includes John P. Kotter 8 Steps Change Management Principles. Change management process, building guiding coalition, term papers, MBA assignment help.

Planning function of management for Boeing, Sample of Essays

The code of ethics adopted complies with the standards set forth in the New York Stock Exchange’s corporate governance rules. The Boeing Company will administer ethics and compliance programs to promote its commitment to integrity and values as set forth in the Boeing values and Code of Conduct and to ensure compliance with laws, rules, and

PDF Table of – English (US)

Talk to your manager, next-level manager, People Lead, Ethics & Compliance, or Legal. www.walmartethics.com [email protected] 800-963-8442 (1-800-WM-ETHIC) in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, or your local phone number which is listed at the end of our Code. The Ethics Helpline is available 24 hours a day,

PDF Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Doing what’s right Our values Every day, across the globe, we deliver excellence to our customers and colleagues. Our ability to serve them depends on an uncompromising commitment to doing the right thing and acting with integrity. The Code of Conduct applies equally to all DXC people. The Code sets out our values.

Powerpoint – SlideShare

Conduct that is prohibited under Boeing policy or does not comply with laws and regulations may not be accomplished on an employee’s behalf by anyone outside the company. All employees must sign and abide by the Boeing Code of Conduct, which requires that they understand the code, and ask questions, seek guidance, report suspected violations

PDF Spirit Code of Conduct

Throughout the Code of Conduct, the terms “Spirit” and “our Company” mean Spirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc. and any corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or other entity that it controls, directly or indirectly, through one or more intermediaries. The Code of Conduct is

Ethics & Policies – Bering Straits Native Corporation

Ethics & Policies. 1. BERING STRAITS NATIVE CORPORATION (BSNC) Code of Ethics. Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC) is committed to preserving the values that have sustained our way of life for thousands of years. This is reflected in our mission and values. BSNC’s Code of Business Ethics and Compliance was recently approved by our Board

PDF The BD Code of Conduct Bringing our values to life

Our Code of Conduct provides direction on how we must behave in any scenario, and it applies to all of us, equally. Nothing is more essential to our success than doing the right thing; by familiarizing yourself with the Code of Conduct, you’ll be taking an important step in helping us fulfill our Purpose and potential the right way—The BD WAY.

Solved Assess Boeing's ethical code of conduct (attached

Ans In Boeing ethical code of Conduct following points must be included: 1) Conflict of Interest Directors must avoid any conflicts of interest among them and the Company. Any situation that involves, or may reasonably be expe… View the full answer

STS – Code of Conduct – SMSgroup

Code of Conduct. The excellent reputation of our group of companies as a supplier of high-quality products and services in the fields of metallurgical plant engineering as well as automation systems is an important factor in competition. An essential foundation of the trust placed in our company by the customers, suppliers and the public is our

Materion Corporation's Code of Conduct in five languages

CODE OF CONDUCT. At Materion, we take great pride in conducting all business affairs with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Our Code of Conduct provides us with guidance, and is a resource to help ensure that our business activities and decisions are continuously ethical and legal.

British Petroleum: Corruption Involving Ethics | Free

The research underscores many challenges that face the practicing and implementation of the code of conduct of employees. Every company must integrate planning skills, prepare and educate its employees on the code of conduct in order to prevent all moral or noncompliance issues that may arise from its workers. The paper observes the need to

PDF Code of ConduCt – Tenneco

6 Tenneco Code of Conduct Scope and Applicability At Tenneco, ethics, integrity and lawful conduct are among our most important priorities. Our Board of Directors has adopted this Code to reinforce the Company’s commitment to the highest standards of ethical and legal conduct and to ensure that all Tenneco team members share this commitment.

IFBEC | The Official International Forum on Business

The International Forum on Business Ethical Conduct (IFBEC) was created by member companies of the Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA) and the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) in 2010. It provides an opportunity to exchange information in the area of business ethics.

PDF Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct also applies to all of Amgen’s locations, affiliates, and subsidiaries.