Who is the oldest character in Coronation Street?

Who is the oldest character in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street’s longest running star is 89-year-old William Roach. He’s played Ken Barlow on the soap since its very first episode, back in 1960. That’s a whopping 61 years on the programme so far, winning him a Guinness World Record for the longest running TV soap star.2021-05-27

What happened to Tiffany in EastEnders?

EastEnders Soap Scoop! Tiffany Butcher has been given a somber exit from EastEnders. Actress Maisie Smith’s final scenes in the BBC One soap aired in a double bill on Tuesday night (December 14) when Tiff decided to leave Walford to go live with brother Liam in Germany.2021-12-14

Who was the black actor in EastEnders?

actor Rudolph Walker

Who left EastEnders?

EastEnders has confirmed that Danny Dyer is leaving as Mick Carter after nine years in the role. A statement posted to their Instagram account revealed: “Danny Dyer will be leaving EastEnders later in the year.2022-04-01

When was Vicki Fowler born?

Vicki Fowler is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Emma Herry from the character’s birth in 1986 to 1988, Samantha Leigh Martin from 1988 to 1995, and Scarlett Alice Johnson from 2003 to 2004.

How many of the original cast of Coronation Street are still alive?

Of the original cast, William Roache, Alan Rothwell, Philip Lowrie, Ernst Walder and Anne Cunningham are still alive as of 2020.

Who is the oldest character in EastEnders?

Ian Beale

Who left EastEnders in 1998?

The characters departed in June, two months earlier than contracted. This was due to Beppe’s actor Michael Greco, who requested to be released early from his contract. The boy who played Joe, Jake Kyprianou, reportedly gave up acting after leaving the role.

What happened to Tiffany Mitchell in EastEnders?

It’s a great tribute to EastEnders’ storyliners, writers and cast, particularly Martine McCutcheon as Tiffany.” Viewing figures remained high throughout the Christmas 1998 week as the storyline climaxed in Tiffany’s exit on the New Year’s episode, when Tiffany was killed after being hit by a car while trying to

What happens to Grant Mitchell in EastEnders?

Phil is rescued, but Grant is not found and presumed dead. It soon transpires a week later that Grant has survived, and he leaves the country with both Courtney and the stolen money to Rio de Janeiro. He does not return to Walford for six years, although he remains in contact with his mother and brother.

Who was the first black character in EastEnders?

Kelvin Carpenter

Who is the longest serving cast member in EastEnders?

Adam Woodyatt

What happened to Courtney EastEnders?

Courtney Mitchell, meanwhile, wasn’t seen again in EastEnders until 2016, when she returned home to Walford and reconnected with dad Grant. Actress Alice Nokes took over the role at this point. The character developed feelings for Mark Fowler (Ned Porteous), unaware of the fact that he was her half-brother.2022-01-20

Who were the original characters of EastEnders?

From the original cast Nejdet Salih, Bill Treacher, Leonard Fenton, Andrew Johnson, Peter Dean, Shreela Ghosh, Anita Dobson, John Altman, Gillian Taylforth, Letitia Dean, Adam Woodyatt, Susan Tully, Tom Watt, Oscar James, Linda Davidson, Paul J. Medford and Shirley Cheriton are still alive.

Is Courtney Grant’s baby?

Tiffany gives birth to baby Courtney by caesarean section in March 1997, and for a moment Grant softens towards his wife. However it does not last and he is soon denouncing that the child is his. Tiffany is forced to get a paternity test, which reveals Grant is Courtney’s father.

Where is Courtney Mitchell?

Courtney Mitchell is the daughter of Tiffany and Grant Mitchell, and currently lives with Grant in Portugal.

Who is the longest standing character in EastEnders?

Ian Beale, played by Adam Woodyatt, is the longest-serving character and the only remaining original character to have appeared continuously since the first episode on 19 February 1985. The character appeared in his 2,000th episode in the show on 26 March 2007.

Who were the first characters in EastEnders?

The first episode of EastEnders was broadcast on 19 February 1985, and twenty-three main characters were already created for their first appearance. The first character to be seen was Den Watts, followed by Ali Osman and then Arthur Fowler, all of whom find Reg Cox dying in his flat.

1997 | EastEnders Wiki | Fandom

Most. 1997 was EastEnders ‘ twelfth year of production. Contents 1 Main characters 2 Doof Doof Count 3 Episodes 4 Promotional photos Main characters Doof Doof Count Episodes Promotional photos Courtney Mitchell ‘s Christening ( 16 June 1997) 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s 2010’s 2020’s

List of EastEnders characters (1997) – Wikipedia

The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in 1997, by order of first appearance. Many were introduced by the show’s executive producer, Jane Harris . Contents 1 Neelam Kapoor 2 Courtney Mitchell 3 Polly Becker 4 Alex Healy 5 Annie Palmer 6 Vanessa Carlton 7 Lorna Cartwright 8 Irene Raymond

EastEnders in 1997 | EastEnders Wiki | Fandom

14th November – Cindy returns to Walford, in demand of getting her children back and Lorraine and Joe leave the Square (final appearance of the characters). 23rd November – Bianca has an abortion after she discovers her unborn baby has spina bfida. 23rd December – Roy Evans has a heart attack. 25th December – Kathy kisses Alex Healy. See also 1997

Category:1997 Episodes | EastEnders Wiki | Fandom

EastEnders Wiki 12,778 pages Explore Characters Locations Episodes Extra in: 1997, Episodes by year, 1990s Episodes 1997 Episodes Category page View source All items (162) # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other E Episode 1392 (2 January 1997) Episode 1393 (6 January 1997) Episode 1394 (7 January 1997)

EastEnders – Episodes – IMDb

EastEnders (1985- ) Episode List Year: 1997 Add Image S1, Ep1553 30 Dec. 1997 Episode #1.1553 Rate Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. Add Image Unknown 2 Jan. 1997 Episode dated 2 January 1997 Rate Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. Add Image Unknown 6 Jan. 1997 Episode dated 6 January 1997 Rate

June 1997 | EastEnders Wiki | Fandom

For a list of episodes originally transmitted in June 1997, see Template:June 1997 For other in- and out-of-universe information, see June and 1997. Others like you also viewed Episode 2494 (4 April 2003) Davood Ghadami Episode 3507 (11 January 2008) Episode 4141 (10 January 2011) Billy Mitchell Episode 3862 (21 September 2009)

Eastenders Goes To Paris 1997 – YouTube

Some residents swap Albert Square for Paris

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Episode 1438 (17 April 1997) | EastEnders Wiki | Fandom

21 April 1997 Summary Ricky, Phil, Grant and Nigel wake up in a field after a particularly heavy stag night. A chance encounter with a travelling exchange student spreads panic among the wedding party. In a panic, the lads mistakenly believe they missed their ferry and spent the night in France!

Eastenders 31st July 1997 – video Dailymotion

EastEnders 31st July 2017. Nonebe. 27:56. EastEnders 23rd July 2018 – EastEnders – EastEnders July 23rd, 2018 – EastEnders 23rd July 2018 – EastEnders 23-07-2018 _ EastEnders 23rd July 2018.

EastEnders – Wikipedia

Barbara Emile then became the Executive Producer of EastEnders, remaining with EastEnders until early 1995. She was succeeded by Corinne Hollingworth . Hollingworth’s contributions to the soap were awarded in 1997 when EastEnders won the BAFTA for Best Drama Series. Hollingworth shared the award with the next Executive Producer, Jane Harris.

1998 | EastEnders Wiki | Fandom

1998 was EastEnders’ thirteenth year of production. From 1 June 1998 the Writer, Producer and Director captions are shown over the opening scenes. 3 short special episodes were made for the 1998 World Cup. These aired in July and were filmed in Paris.

Eastenders 7th July 1997 – YouTube

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Eastenders – 1997 – YouTube

Whilst looking for files for the BBC Christmas section, I found this recording of Eastenders from 1997. This set was introduced after the demise of the Jazzy

Episode 1395 (9 January 1997) | EastEnders Wiki | Fandom

13 January 1997 Summary Alan demands some answers from Frankie but does not like what he hears. Tony is thrilled to see Simon but worries about his night with Frankie, and Mark sets off for America. Credits Main cast Tony Hills – Mark Homer Simon Raymond – Andrew Lynford Frankie Pierre – Syan Blake Alan Jackson – Howard Antony

Mary Flaherty (EastEnders) – Wikipedia

Mary Flaherty is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Melanie Clark Pullen from 22 September 1997 to 23 February 1999. Her first appearance was in a special week of episodes set in Ireland, first broadcast in 1997.

EastEnders – Ted is charged with GBH (10th April 1997

Originally aired on 10/04/97.I do not own the contents of this video and am not making any profit.

"EastEnders" Episode dated 1 July 1997 (TV Episode 1997

Directed by Jonathan Dent. With June Brown, Paul Bradley, Brian Croucher, Gillian Taylforth.

EastEnders – Episode 1466 – 23 June 1997 – YouTube

EastEnders – Episode 1466 – 23 June 1997 – YouTube Tony tries to keep a low profile, but Simon has other plans. Meanwhile, Sonia has some devastating news for Robbie.Tony Hills – Mark HomerSimon

From EastEnders to Strictly and Doctor Who, the 100 BBC

EastEnders got its first airing. Set in the streets of working-class London, it prided itself on being one of the darkest soaps to date. 81. This Life (1996 to 1997) 82. The Royle Family (1998

EastEnders – Episode 1399 – 20 January 1997 – YouTube

And we’re into 1997. Apologies, the first 7 episodes of this year were completely copyrighted by BBC Studios, but we seem to have quite a few upcoming ones i

"EastEnders" Episode dated 1 April 1997 (TV Episode 1997

Episode dated 1 April 1997: Directed by Stephen Moore. With Daniela Denby-Ashe, Brian Croucher, Gillian Taylforth, Dean Gaffney. A studio fixer springs into action when a top movie star gets kidnapped in 1950s Hollywood.

Watch EastEnders (2019) | Prime Video

Anyway, I have pined away for EastEnders ever since and have tried every which way to try and gain access to it, but failed until now. I subscribed to Britbox specifically for EastEnders and have been binge-watching Season 3 ever since. I’m happy to see some of the old characters are still on board . . . Ian, Kathy and Phil.

List of EastEnders characters (1996) – Wikipedia

The following is a list of fictional characters that first appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in 1996, by order of first appearance. Contents 1 Michael Rose 2 Dan Zappieri 3 Aunt Sal 4 Ben Mitchell 5 Joe Wicks 6 Lorraine Wicks 7 Alistair Matthews 8 Jim Branning 9 Suzy Branning 10 Derek Branning 11 Reenie Branning 12 Huw Edwards

EastEnders (TV Series 1985- ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

EastEnders (TV Series 1985- ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

EastEnders – Episodes – IMDb

In this episode, Adam and Mike continue to talk about assessment and testing. They talk about real user monitoring and how it is used. They also talk about synthetic performance monitoring, using scripts. They discuss testing methods, like white box and black box testing. They also talk about software testing methods.

East of Eastenders (1997) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

East of Eastenders (1997) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

EastEnders – Grant vs. Joe, Grant and Tiffany get back

As requested by @PresLoverJoe finds out Lorraine and Grant have split up, leading to some dramatic confrontations. The experience brings Tiffany and Grant cl

"EastEnders" Episode dated 19 May 1997 (TV Episode 1997

Episode dated 19 May 1997: Directed by Brett Fallis. With James Alexandrou, Gemma Bissix, Paul Bradley, June Brown.

EastEnders episodes in Ireland – Wikipedia

In 1997, the BBC soap opera EastEnders broadcast three singular transmissions that were filmed on location in Dublin, Ireland.The episodes involved the Fowler and Beale family travelling from London to Ireland to meet their long-lost relatives. The episodes were badly received by viewers and heavily criticised in the media. The BBC was inundated with complaints from angry viewers from Ireland

EastEnders – Episodes – IMDb

Error: please try again. Kristin travels to Tuscany to get in touch with her Italian roots and meet long-lost relatives for the first time. She brings Jay along as well, making plenty of time for epically romantic adventures. Meanwhile, back in Nashville, Brittainy attempts to move on from Stone once and for all. Add Image. Unknown. 30 Jun. 1997.

"EastEnders" Episode dated 26 December 1997 (TV – IMDb

Episode dated 26 December 1997: With Joe Absolom, Gemma Bissix, Paul Bradley, June Brown.

BBC One – EastEnders, EastEnders Weddings – 1997: Ricky

1997: Ricky and Bianca. Their first foray up the altar in 1997.

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EastEnders Online – Full Episodes – All Seasons – Yidio

. EastEnders goes back in time to Good Friday 2014. In this special flashback episode, viewers finally have a chance to see exactly what happened to Lucy on that fateful night. This episode fills in the blanks and answers questions that have been haunting the residents of Walford for almost a year….

EastEnders Ireland 1997 : eastenders

EastEnders Ireland 1997. Close. 4. Posted by 3 months ago. EastEnders Ireland 1997. Does anyone have a link to watch the controversial EastEnders episodes filmed in Ireland – 1507-1509 (22nd September 1997 – 25th September 1997) I found a thread but the links are long since expired and I dying to see them! TIA. 5 comments. share. save.

BBC One – EastEnders

EastEnders. The wait is almost over! Here, have four solid minutes of Janine. Don’t say we don’t spoil you! Duration: 3:54. On iPlayer. 28/04/2022. All available episodes (208 total)

Eastenders Episodes videos – Dailymotion

Eastenders Episodes. EastEnders_2012-01-12 David asks Carol to leave with him. 29:19. Eastenders Episodes. EastEnders.2011-01-27 Phil proposes to Shirley after suffering a heart 29:02. Eastenders Episodes. EastEnders 7th June 2010.

Eastenders 26th August 1996 – video Dailymotion

EastEnders 23rd August 2018 -EastEnders August 23rd2018 -EastEnders 23 -08- 2018 -EastEnders 23/08/ 2018 -EastEnders 23rd,August ,2018 -EastEnders 23rd August 2018 -EastEnders 23rd August 2018 Tv Soap

BBC One – EastEnders – Past Characters

EastEnders profiles: Past Characters. A selection of Walford’s most memorable former residents.

Leslie Grantham – IMDb

Leslie Grantham, Actor: EastEnders. Leslie Grantham was born on in Camberwell, London, England. He was an actor and producer, known for EastEnders (1985), The Uninvited (1997) and Doctor Who (1963). He was married to Jane Laurie. He died on in Kensington, London.

"EastEnders" Episode dated 18 November 1997 (TV Episode

Episode dated 18 November 1997: With Gemma Bissix, Paul Bradley, Tony Caunter, Des Coleman.

EastEnders spoilers, news and pictures – Digital Spy

EastEnders spoilers, latest news, catch-up, cast interviews, spoiler pictures and gossip from Digital Spy.


EASTENDERS – THE EPISODE GUIDE. Monday 4th August 1997. Bianca is about to put her plan into action. She’s offhand to Ricky as he leaves, and even Ricky notices it. She follows him as soon as he leaves, but she bumps into Annie as she’s hurrying across the square after him and he turns the corner to the Arches.

EastEnders' Charlie Brooks poses with lookalike daughter

EastEnders actress Charlie Brooks looked strikingly similar to her daughter Kiki as they posed in a recent social media video. Taking to TikTok, the 17-year-old shared a clip of Charlie lip syncing the words to Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar, with the caption “Can’t believe I found this video from 1997.”. The video transitioned to Kiki

Which EastEnders actors have died since the show began

Sian played Frankie Pierre in EastEnders from 1996-1997, a soul singer who had a string of flings with Walford men before the character moved away from the Square. Ross Davidson (Andy O’Brien)

Melanie Clark Pullen – Deandre Rushing

Melanie Clark Pullen is an Irish actress producer and writer who played Mary Flaherty in EastEnders from 1997 – 1999. 20 hours agoMelanie Clark Pullen has died after losing her battle with breast cancer. The actress played Mary Flaherty the long-lost great niece of Pauline Fowler between 1997 and 1999. 11 hours agoEastEnders Melanie Clark

1997 | Emmerdale Wiki | Fandom

2nd January – The Sugdens leave Emmerdale Farm. Sean Rossi returns for Dave Glover’s funeral. (First appearance of the character since 1996) 7th January – Dave Glover’s funeral takes place. 8th January – First appearance of Lyn Hutchinson. Sean Rossi leaves the village. (Final appearance of the character) 21st January – Dave Glover’s inquest takes place. 22nd January – Betty Eagleton storms

North Carolina EastEnders Fan Club

EastEnders leaving PBS in December. We have sad news for all U.S. fans of EastEnders.The BBC has decided not to renew its contract with PBS stations airing EastEnders.This was a unilateral decision by the BBC, despite the efforts of our station and others to keep the show on the air.

June Brown, 'EastEnders' icon Dot Cotton, dies at 95 | AP News

“EastEnders” became a British institution — Queen Elizabeth II even visited the set in 2001 — and Brown was one of its longest-serving stars. Apart from a break between 1993 and 1997, she remained on the program until 2020, receiving a lifetime achievement honor at the 2005 British Soap Awards for the role.

Peter Beale | Eastenders Wiki | Fandom

Peter Beale II is a fictional character on the BBC soap opera Eastenders. Francis Brittin-Snell (1993-1996; recurring) Alex Stevens (1997-1998; recurring) Joseph Shade (1998-2004) James Martin (2004-2006) Thomas Law (2006-2010) Ben Hardy (2013-2015) Dayle Hudson (2020-present)

The Cast Of Eastenders: Where Are They Now? – Page 2 of 66

Brown left Eastenders in 1993 but returned again in 1997. She took another six-month break in 2012 so that she could write her autobiography, and returned to filming just after. However, Brown admitted that her eyesight was failing her, but she could not afford to retire and prayed her eyesight would return.

June Brown, 'EastEnders' icon Dot Cotton, dies at 95 – ABC

FILE – Actress June Brown poses for a photo, in this photo. June Brown, who played chain-smoking Cockney matriarch Dot Cotton on the British soap opera “EastEnders” for 35 years

Courtney Mitchell | Eastenders Wiki | Fandom

Eastenders. Portrayed by: Carissa & Josephine O’Meara (1997-1999) Megan Jossa (2006) Alice Holly Nokes (2016) Duration: 1997-1999, 2006 & 2016. First appearance: .

Classic Eastenders | Drama Channel

Classic Eastenders. Set in London’s East End, Eastenders charts the emotional highs and dramatic lows of life in the close-knit community of Albert Square, in the fictional borough of Walford. This summer on Drama, viewers can re-live early episodes of the soap, including the very first one, and remember characters like Den and Angie Watts

EastEnders: 27 best forgotten characters in BBC soap's

EastEnders: 27 best forgotten characters in BBC soap’s history. Nicholls’s portrayal of the schizophrenic Joe Wicks between 1996 and 1997 was praised by numerous mental health organisations

Classic Eastenders | Drama Channel

Classic EastEnders. New. The Vic Ladies’ darts team sets off for the Isle of Dogs for the big match, with food from the cafe and wine from Den. Ali, meanwhile, is fixing up a poker game for the men later that day.

June Brown – Bitter Personal Website Photo Gallery

June Muriel Brown MBE born 16th February 1927 was born in Suffolk and is a British actress best known for her portrayal of the chain-smoking Christian Dot Branning on EastEnders a role she has remained in from July 1985 to August 1993 and from April 1997 to January 2020Dot is one of the most popular characters in the history of EastEnders.

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June Brown, famed for playing British TV icon Dot Cotton

June Brown, best known for playing chain-smoking laundromat legend Dot Cotton in British TV soap “EastEnders,” has died at the age of 95.

BBC One – EastEnders – Available now

EastEnders Episodes Available now. All; Available now (208) Next on (14) 28/04/2022. Stacey fears the worst, and Kat is shocked when Lily admits her fears. 27/04/2022.

Heather Peace joins the cast of EastEnders in a

Buckle up DIVAs, because EastEnders is about to become queer as hell BY ELEANOR NOYCE, IMAGE BY TALIE ROSE EIGELAND In an incredible turn of events, DIVA favourite Heather Peace is set to join the cast of the iconic BBC soap EastEnders. Heather is most notable for her roles in BBC One’s Waterloo Road, Emmerdale, London’s Burning and Lip Service,…

June Brown: EastEnders' Dot Cotton dies aged 95

EastEnders actor Adam Woodyatt described her as an “incredible woman”. Dot Cotton was one of the BBC soap’s longest-running characters and a favourite with viewers. Brown first appeared in the series in 1985, the year EastEnders was created. She stayed until 1993, returning to play the same character from 1997 until 2020.

June Brown, EastEnders' Dot Cotton, dies aged 95

June Brown, the actor best known for portraying Dot Cotton in the BBC soap EastEnders, has died at 95.Brown, who played the chainsmoking Christian and Walford stalwart between 1985 and 1993 and

June Brown: EastEnders' Dot Cotton dies aged 95 – BBC News

She stayed until 1993, returning to play the same character from 1997 until 2020. June Brown obituary: ‘In person, she was a riot’ — BBC EastEnders (@bbceastenders) April 4, 2022.

Episode Count | EastEnders Plus

1997: Grant Mitchell at 140 episodes. 1996: Grant Mitchell at 137 episodes. 1995: Mark Fowler at 134 episodes. 1994: Grant Mitchell at 117 episodes. 1993: Kathy Beale at 91 episodes. 1992: 1991: Grant Mitchell at 88 episodes 1990: Simon Wicks at 96 episodes 1989: Dot Cotton at 88 episodes 1988: Den Watts at 102 episodes 1987: Den Watts at 98

June Brown, 'EastEnders' icon Dot Cotton, dies at 95

FILE – Actress June Brown poses for a photo, in this photo. June Brown, who played chain-smoking Cockney matriarch Dot Cotton on the British soap opera “EastEnders” for 35 years

Eastenders Cast Photos and Premium High Res Pictures

The cast of EastEnders on set. Picture includes Mike Reid, June Brown, John Altman, Letitia Dean, Peter Dean, Daniella Westbrook, Ross Kemp, Steve The cast and crew of ‘EastEnders’ attend the 21st National Television Awards Winners Room at The O2 Arena on in London, England. The cast of Eastenders accept the Serial Drama

Classic Eastenders – Series 17 – Episode 12 – UKTV Play

Classic Eastenders. Series 17, Episode 12. Available for 27 days. New. Dan and Melanie confront their feelings for each other, while Phil and Lisa have to face some shocking news. G. PG. S. Episodes on Demand.

EastEnders 6th September 2019 – video Dailymotion

Daily Drama Show HD. 21:47. EastEnders 6th September 2021 | EastEnders 6-9-2021 | EastEnders Monday 6th September 2021. Daily Drama Show. 28:55. EastEnders 6th April 2018 — EastEnders 6th April 2018 — EastEnders 6th April 2018 — EastEnders 6th April 2018 — EastEnders 6th April 2018 — EastEnders 6th April 2018.

June Brown, 'EastEnders' Icon Dot Cotton, Dies at 95

“EastEnders” became a British institution — Queen Elizabeth II even visited the set in 2001 — and Brown was one of its longest-serving stars. Apart from a break between 1993 and 1997, she remained on the program until 2020, receiving a lifetime achievement honor at the 2005 British Soap Awards for the role.

June Brown Dead: 'EastEnders' Star was 95 – Variety

June Brown, who memorably played the role of Dot Cotton in long-running BBC soap “EastEnders,” died on Sunday. She was 95. Brown’s family said she died “very peacefully” at her home. A

Sian Blake: Bodies found at ex-EastEnders star's home

Ms Blake, who has motor neurone disease, played Frankie Pierre in the soap between 1996 and 1997. Image caption, Sian Blake, seen here alongside EastEnders co-star Howard Anthony, left the BBC One

What does EastEnders mean? – definitions

What does EastEnders mean? Information and translations of EastEnders in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Login . EastEnders has won nine BAFTA Awards and the Inside Soap Award for Best Soap for 14 years running (from 1997 to 2012), as well as twelve National Television Awards for Most Popular Serial Drama

List of EastEnders characters (1996) – Simple English

Ben Mitchell. Ben Mitchell. EastEnders character. Portrayed by. Matthew Silver (1996-1998) Morgan Whittle (1999-2001) Charlie Jones (2006-2010) Joshua Pascoe (2010-2012) Harry Reid (2014-2018)

EastEnders spoilers – on-air tribute to June Brown after death

The actress returned as Dot in 1997 and would stay until 2020. EastEnders airs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One and streams on BBC iPlayer. Read more EastEnders

"EastEnders" Part 2 Quiz / Test | EastEnders | 10 Questions

“EastEnders” Part 2 Trivia Quiz Courtney Mitchell was born in March 1997 and a DNA test proved that Grant was her father. Which actress played the part of Ruby Allen? Louisa Lytton. Louisa joined “EastEnders” in March 2005 and left in November 2006. After leaving “EastEnders” she joined the cast of “The Bill” and also represented the UK at

IMCDb.org: "EastEnders, 1985-2022": cars, bikes, trucks

EastEnders, TV Series, 1985-2022 Pictures provided by: CarChasesFanatic , Alan.D, stronghold , sandwad2 , G-MANN , Retro80 , Leoz , SM99 , UKboy205 , walter , Igglepiggle336 , THT Display options: Display as images Display as list Make and model Make and year Year Category Importance/Role Date added (new ones first) Episode Appearance (ep.+time

Simon Raymond | Eastenders Wiki | Fandom

Simon Raymond is a fictional character on the BBC soap opera Eastenders. Andrew Lynford (06/1996-06/1998 & 04/1999)

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