Who makes the Kirkland batteries for Costco?

Who makes the Kirkland batteries for Costco?


What do the codes on a battery mean?

The letters and numbers in the code indicate the number of cells, cell chemistry, shape, dimensions, the number of parallel paths in the assembled battery and any modifying letters deemed necessary. A multi-section battery (two or more voltages from the same package) will have a multi-section designation.

How do I read my car battery code?

The first character will be a number from zero through nine that corresponds to the last digit in the year in which the battery was manufactured. For example, a five would mean 2015. The second character is a letter that refers to the month the battery was made.2020-10-06

How do you read the numbers on a car battery?

Date Code: Most batteries have a date code, usually a long string of numbers and letters that show when the battery was purchased. One row of one- or two-letter codes indicates the month, the other row of numbers is the last digit of the year.2020-07-22

Who owns Interstate battery?

Interstate Battery’s 16,000 products are sold online and through more than 200,000 retail locations, including about 300 Read More. Its PowerCare unit provides motive and critical power products. Founded in 1952, the company is owned by chairman Norm Miller.

What batteries are made by Johnson Controls?

Johnson controls are one of the worlds leading battery manufacturers. They make many leading brands including Optima batteries, Bosch batteries and of course, Varta batteries.2021-07-31

How do you read the date code on an Interstate Battery?

Date codes are engraved into the cover of each Interstate battery at the time the battery is shipped from the manufacturing plant. This is how you can tell the age of your battery. With these types of batteries, you’re looking for a four- or five-digit shipping date code engraved into the cover.2017-06-08

Who manufactures Interstate battery?

Interstate Battery System of America, Inc., a.k.a. Interstate Batteries, is a US privately owned battery marketing and distribution company. It markets automotive batteries manufactured by Brookfield Business Partners, Exide Technologies, and others through independent distributors.

How can I test my car battery?

Connect the multimeter to the positive and negative battery terminals. If you don’t have a voltage of around 12.6 volts, you may have a bad battery. Now start the car, and look for a revised voltage over 10. If your voltage drops below 5 when the car is running, it is bad and should be replaced right away.2019-02-06

Are Interstate batteries American made?

Since their major automotive battery manufacturer is an American company with locations worldwide, approximately 98% of the automotive batteries Interstate sells are made in the USA.2011-01-06

Who manufactures Costco Interstate batteries?

How does Its Warranty Work? Clarios makes Kirkland Automotive or Marine Batteries (those big 12V batteries). Duracell makes Kirkland AA Batteries.2022-04-24

How do you read a car battery health report?

Check the readings; a good battery should indicate a voltage between 12.4 V and 12.7 V. A reading above 12.5 V is an indication of a good battery, while a 12.3 V charge means that your battery is 75% charged. Anything below 11.8 volts means your battery is low in charge and working at 25%.2022-04-03

What is the life of an Interstate battery?

three to five years

How do I read my car battery results?

Check the reading. A fully charged battery will typically display a voltmeter reading of about 12.6 to 12.8 volts. If your voltmeter is showing a voltage anywhere between 12.4 and 12.8, that means your battery is in good shape. Any voltage above 12.9 volts is a good indicator that your battery has excessive voltage.2018-01-24

How do you read a battery code?

All digits are numbers. The date code label is on a label located on either the top of the battery or the back side of the battery. The code on the top is 12 digits with the last 4 representing the month and year. In the example below 0220 means February 2020.

How much does it cost to test a car battery?

The Best in Auto Repair The average cost for battery test is between $35 and $44. Labor costs are estimated between $35 and $44. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location.

How long do Interstate batteries last?

Interstate batteries have excellent longevity, lasting for an average period of three to five years. Nevertheless, the durability of the battery depends on its use and exposure. Folks who tend to drive often may need to replace their car batteries more often than those that drive less.2022-04-12

Costco | Interstate Batteries

Find a complete line of Interstate Batteries at Costco. More than just automotive batteries, our offerings include powersports, marine/RV, golf cart, lawn & garden and more. Powersports Whether you’re riding cross-country or conquering the lake, Costco has an Interstate® battery for all your powersports needs.

Interstate Batteries – Car, Truck & Recreational Batteries

Costco offers Interstate brand batteries for boats, RVs, golf carts and lawn mowers. Selection by location may vary. To keep prices low, Costco does not offer a telephone service to call in for prices or product availability.

Costco Interstate Battery Review • Road Sumo

The MTZ-75DT Interstate battery has a CCA, CA, RC, and Ah of 715, 895, 90, and 50. Its length measures 9 7/16, its width measures 7, and its height measures 7 15/16. Its weight is 43.4. As for the MTZ-78 Interstate battery, the CCA is 800, CA 1000, RC 125, and Ah 62. It measures 10 13/16 in length, 7 1/16 in width, and 7 5/16 in height.

Are Costco Interstate Battery Good and Reliable? (Review)

Costco Interstate batteries are perfectly suitable for different weathers. In fact, Costco chose these batteries due to their high performance and popularity. The cost of these batteries falls between $50 to $100 US Dollars. But this battery sometimes comes with an expense called ‘core charge. Battery cores cost between $10-14.

Costco Car Battery (Prices, Warranty) | Review by Car Proper

Costco deals with exclusively interstate car batteries that can be used for a variety of functions. These range from vehicles, to golf carts and to boats. The interstate car batteries are among the oldest manufacturers of battery brands that are present in today’s markets.

Costco Car Battery: Buyer's Guide | Battery Tools

It’s easy to purchase a car battery at Costco. Visit their website online and search for the model of your vehicle, then click on “find my product” in the top-right corner. Fill in the basic information like where you live, the type of car, so they can figure out the nearest location that will stock it and your zip code.

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Interstate Batteries | Outrageously Dependable

Equipped with standard starting power, the Interstate M-Line car battery is perfect for the value-minded customer. MTZ AGM BATTERIES The Interstate MTZ absorbed glass-mat AGM car battery with Pure Matrix® power offers high accessory load vehicles maximum life, premium performance and the strongest starts. MTX AGM BATTERIES

Product Lookup – Interstate Batteries

At Interstate All Battery Centers, you get more than a store you trust for household and business batteries. You have a local partner with unbeatable service and expertise. Use this website to locate the battery you need, then purchase it at your neighborhood store. Still not sure what you need? Come on by. Our legendary service is here to help.

Are Costco RV Batteries Any Good? (Honest Truth!)

The two main Costco batteries for RVs are the Interstate 27DC Marine/RV Battery and the Interstate 24DC Marine/RV Battery. These batteries have cold-cranking amps between 550 and 600, cranking amps between 700 and 750, and reserved capacity between 140 and 160. Price

Costco Interstate Car Battery Brands Reviews In 2022

This brings us to a question, how much do the Interstate batteries cost? Starting at $129 for the MT’s, the battery can go anywhere until the high $300’s, which isn’t much considering the expensive batteries are AGM batteries. The MTX starts at $299 while the MTZ also the same range.

Find a Location – Interstate Batteries

Find a Location | Interstate Batteries. Search for a dealer near you. Store Type. All Store Types. Interstate All Battery Centers. Interstate Distributors. Independent Dealers. Product Type. All Product Types.

Wet Cell Interstate Batteries – Car, Truck & Recreational

Find a great collection of Wet Cell Interstate Batteries – Car, Truck & Recreational Batteries at Costco. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Interstate Batteries – Car, Truck & Recreational Batteries products.

Kirkland Costco 6v Battery Review (Price, Specs, Dimensions)

If you want to do some comparison shopping, you may find the Interstate brand at other outlets to see if you are getting a good deal or not when you shop at Costco. Costco 6 Volt Golf Cart Battery Specifications. The following specifications are for the Interstate 6-volt golf cart battery model sold by Costco.

Lower Tier Interstate batteries @ Costco? | Bob Is The Oil Guy

The same policy applies to golf cart and marine batteries that are used for commercial purposes even if the battery was made for that application. Costco Wholesale Corporation PO Box 34535 Seattle, WA 98124-1535 1 (800) 774-2678 www.costco.com US Cont. April 2, 2018 No totally wrong. L LotI Joined Jan 1, 2013 Messages 2,057 Location

Costco Interstate Batteries vs. Walmart Maxx Batteries

You can start your motor from a deep cycle battery. I typically run deep cycle because their construction is a little beefier. They tolerate more abuse both electrical and physical. If you’re using flooded batteries deep cycle batteries won’t drop a plate as easily as starting batteries. Doc Stressor Well-Known Member Joined Messages

Costco Interstate Battery | Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum

Johnson Controls make the Interstate battery as well as the Wal-Mart, Costco, Autozone, Ford, and Diehard batteries. One thing to keep in mind though, the Interstate warranty on any diesel application that is commercial or over a one ton truck is only 6 months free replacement. I found out the hard way.

Auto Battery Tips | Buying Interstate Car Battery from

You should consult your car user manual to be find out what kind of battery is recommended. Fit You should check the car’s battery compartment to be sure of the size that will fit in. It will most certainly be a waste if you were to get one that turns out to be bigger or smaller that the slot in your car. Position of Terminals

Shop for Automotive & Marine Batteries | Costco Batteries

Costco offers a full-line of batteries for your car, truck, boat, RV, golf, cart and lawn mower. Battery Information. Battery Technology. Learn more about what makes up an automotive battery. Learn More for Battery Technology. Battery Recycling.

anyone try out interstate batteries from costco? : Costco

in the market for the new battery, checked out costco’s pricing and it seems too good not to give it a try. I looked at interstates battery finder, and it seems have the same specs their top end, MTP battery. Also seems to match the same specs as all the parts store “gold” level battery but for half the price. 73 bucks.

Interstate Battery Warranty and Return Policy • Road Sumo

Is The Costco Interstate Battery the Same as Interstate Battery? Yes, Costco is one of the partner retailers that carry Interstate batteries. However, the Costco Interstate battery warranty is different. Costco only covers up to 36 months from the date of purchase. On the other hand, other retailers can go up to 72 months.

Costco Car Battery Reviews [Price, Warranty & Return Policy]

Costco sells Interstate car batteries at competitive prices. However, battery installation is not included in this price and is not offered by Costco. A limited 36-month warranty is provided for batteries bought at Costco, which is less competitive than those provided by similar retailers.

Are Interstate batteries at Costco good? – Quora

Answer (1 of 5): I will let you in on a secret. There are only a few battery manufacturing plants in the entire United States. I did inspections on the plant in Canby Oregon years ago. These plants make batteries to order for the “Brands”. The same batteries come down the line and get labels for

COSTCO batteries | Page 2 | Bob Is The Oil Guy

I’ve been going with Costco Interstate batteries the last couple of times I needed one. Stopped getting the Menards AC Delco batteries because while they will start my car, they tend to have little voltage quirks that trip the Check Engine light. It’s a shame because they have adequate power. Group 49 batteries that I might use in a solar

Are Costco Interstate Marine Batteries the same as what's

Costco sells an Interstate DC27 Marine battery for $79, are these exactly the same as say an Interstate SRM27 Marine battery that you find for sale for $120-$150 at dealerships and marinas? They both have the exact same 600 CCA and 750 MCA and 160 reserve…so specs appear to be identical, it just appears Costco is selling their own “part #”

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Costco Interstate Battery Warranty Lawsuit Filed in

A Costco Interstate battery warranty lawsuit alleges the free battery replacement program costs consumers the difference in the original purchase price of their Interstate batteries and the

Are Costco batteries made by interstate? – FindAnyAnswer.com

Costco Interstate batteries are priced depending on their size and type. Right now the prices of these batteries range from $50 – $100 depending on the battery type that you will be purchasing and its size. There’s also a $15 core fee which is refundable when you return the old Costco battery.

Interstate batteries @ Costcoanyone using them? | Ford

Just in costco today and saw they are carrying interstate batteries with a 42 month warranty. Only at $89.00. CCA rating of 850. Doesn’t seem like a bad little deal as most other batterise are $130-$160 in range I have been looking at.

Any Luck With Interstate Batteries From Costco? | Toyota

cd8000 said: I had a Costco Interstate battery group 35 only lasting me 2 years. Minus the fact that the metal strap down made the battery cave in on the plastic about 1/4 in. Then the cells started to go bad and the battery sides going “fat” budging. Replaced it with a Napa Legend for a year and it works great.

Walmart Battery vs. Costco Battery – Price & Warranty (3

3 Year Update; https://youtu.be/W7WAD2NMTwQ-0:00 Start-1:15 Check Battery Water Level-3:19 General Battery Preventative Maintenance-9:33 Price & Warranty Co

Costco AGM batteries – iRV2 Forums

Join Date: Jun 2009. Posts: 531. Costco AGM batteries. I have 2 Interstate Brand, 8D MHD batteries (installed by prior owner) being used as house batteries. Even though they are rated as starting batteries. They only hold a charge for about a day or so when parked without hookups, and with no one inside.

Battery Finder: Find the Right Battery for Your Vehicle

We make it easy! Let Autobatteries by Clarios, your complete auto battery resource, help you find the best battery for your vehicle.

COSTCO has changed battery policy : Costco – reddit

COSTCO has changed battery policy. I went to Costco yesterday in Clovis, CA, to buy a battery for my 1954 Chevy P/u. They said I would only get a 6 month warranty. I asked why, and they said too many people are buying batteries for the wrong application, and then bringing them back under the warranty. And there computer does not go back farther

Car Batteries – O'Reilly Auto Parts

Check out our selection of truck, SUV, and car battery brands to find the right fit for your vehicle. Super Start batteries for your car, truck, SUV, and marine vehicle offer a nationwide warranty and free replacement (up to 3 years depending on the product).

Battery recommendatios. | Honda Pilot – Honda Pilot Forums

Incidentally, the Costco/Interstate battery finder seems to indicate that they don’t sell a battery to fit the Pilot. The (generic) Interstate battery finder returns two models: 1) MT-24F conventional type with a 600 CCA rating and a 2-year free replacement/5-year (total) pro-rated warranty. MSRP is $130.

Who Makes Kirkland Batteries? (Auto, Car, Interstate

Costco Interstate Batteries. Interstate batteries are a product of Costco Wholesale and manufactured by Johnson Controls. Are Kirkland batteries good? Yes, Kirkland batteries are good. Let’s start with the alkaline batteries. There is a small chance that these batteries are made from Duracell batteries that Duracell didn’t really think

Costco Interstate marine battery question – Survivalist Forum

Costco has Interstate marine deep cycle batteries and I am trying to find more specific specs on them such as amp hour rating. Here are some reference pictures: in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. Advanced Search Cancel Login / Join.

Costco interstate battery warranty? – DoItYourself.com

I was comparing prices with batteries with same rating as Costco’s battery. Which actually is the top premium model sold at most stores. For 24F battery, I need. Costco Interstate 700CCA 42 months free replacement : $89.90 Bosch Premium Perfromance 700CCA 36 months free replacement, 60 months prorated : $99.99 @ Pepboys

Batteries | Costco

Duracell Ion Speed 4000 Charger Kit with 4 × AA Batteries and 4 × AAA Batteries Includes 8 batteries: 4 × AA and 4 × AAA rechargeable batteries Recharges your batteries in 1-2.5 hours* with 4000 mW** of charging power

Who Makes Interstate Batteries – Reviews – Rx Mechanic

Costco Interstate batteries come at a fair price, which varies based on the type and size. However, the average cost of these batteries starts from $50 up to $100. Thus, you can contact and provide Costco with the details of your car model to help you get the correct battery that fits your car’s needs.

The Best Place To Buy a Car Battery – Clark Howard

Costco carries only Interstate Batteries, which are highly rated in several sizes and models by Consumer Reports (subscription required). While you can’t order a car battery online from Costco, you can use the store’s online battery finder to see which batteries will fit your car and how much they cost.

Costco Interstate battery – Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum

Picking the Interstate costco battery is no different than picking the Optima battery. There are few sizes of both. So you go with CCA and cranking amps needed and what fits in the hole and hooks to the cables. A fitment chart does not have to say Dodge Ram for a battery to function. In -40 degree weather a $200 battery doesn’t start any better

Costco Car Battery Warranty Explained [Easy Hacks]

Costco Car Battery Warranty—A Comprehensive Guide. Costco is one of the top retailers in the United States. At a Costco warehouse, you can shop for anything from groceries and medicine to appliances and car batteries.Costco sells Interstate batteries for:

Are Costco Interstate Marine Batteries the same as what's

Costco sells an Interstate DC27 Marine battery for $79, are these exactly the same as say an Interstate SRM27 Marine battery that you find for sale for $120-$150 at dealerships and marinas? They both have the exact same 600 CCA and 750 MCA and 160 reserve…so specs appear to be identical, it just appears Costco is selling their own “part #”

Does Costco Sell Car Batteries

Interstate Batteries: Costco Now Sells That Batteries. Costco decided to stop selling Kirkland vehicle batteries because they couldn’t make the profit they expected. Costco now exclusively carries the Interstate brand of automobile batteries. These batteries come with a great warranty and are available at a reasonable price point.

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AGM Costco Battery for G. Cherokee? – Front Range 4×4

The problem is that the Costco/Interstate site says they don’t have the correct battery, and the guy at the Costco auto desk knew nothing about the battery or its application. I can’t find any information on the web using the Costco item number of 883482, or the UPC number on the battery.

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Car at Costco

Members usually get a full warranty on batteries purchased at Costco, and the price per item is noteworthy. While the retail giant only sells interstate brand batteries, they score high in expert testing, and are priced significantly lower (does $40 in savings sound nice?) at Costco than other stores, including Walmart.

Who makes the battery? Costco, Interstate, etc – iRV2 Forums

According to that link Johnson controls makes–Interstate, diehard, duralast, kirkland (costco), everstart and prostart. Anyone know how Trojan T105’s stack up against the Johnson Controls 6 volt golf cart batteries. Costco sell theirs for $80. Big difference from Trojans.

Costco 24F battery | Toyota Tundra Discussion Forum

So, I’m looking at a current Costco/Interstate option right now. I can get what’s basically an Interstate MTX-24F through Costco for $159.99. It has a 3 year full replacement warranty. CCA is 710. RC is 120min. Amp Hours @ 20hr is 70. My stock Exide is 710CCA/165RC.

What is the Costco Battery warranty policy? | WarnockAuto

Given that Costco is a generalist store, you may find AutoZone employees to have more knowledge of appropriate batteries, but this can vary from person to person. Advance Auto Parts Autocraft battery warranties go from 90 days to 3 years, while DieHard batteries vary from 1 year to 4.

How Much Does A Motorcycle Battery Cost At Costco?

VERY GOOD BATTERIES WITH DISCOUNTS. • As mention to the above, many of Costco’s reduction in prices can vary for different Interstate batteries. • The key figures to remember is that on the low end, 70 USD is quite low and even for an SRM model, they can go from 120 or 150 USD—which is quite a steal.

Costco battery question for Gen 4 Outback – Subaru Outback

Unfortunately, there are no Costco or Interstate stores within reasonable driving distances from me. FYI, the following 4 Flat-Plate AGM batteries available at Rockauto.com will fit the battery tray in my 13 Outback 2.5i CVT Premium. Deka 9A78DT, BCI Group 34/78; CCA 775, $162.99 + approx $10 shipping.

Interstate AGM Car Batteries Review – Are They Worth

Interstate only offers a limited warranty on its batteries and the warranty period would depend on the kind of battery purchased. You get a 48-month free replacement warranty when you purchase a model from its MTZ Line Car and Truck Batteries and a 36-month free replacement warranty when you purchase from its MTX Line Car and Truck Batteries.

Costco carries the Interstate Battery for our car

Once the headlight go off then it stops flashing. I ended up ordering a battery through Costco (Interstate). It was special order and took three weeks to arrive. I went in yesterday and decided to take it. With tax and no core the price was $177. That was the cheapest I could find the H5 battery from any supplier. Got home and installed it into

Mother's Day Floral | Costco

Costco carries items in our warehouses which may not be available online. Visit your local Costco warehouse for current product inventory and to see if we stock what you are looking for. Find your nearest warehouse.

BATTERY, Dealer / Costco / Parts Store? | Acura MDX SUV Forums

If not, any local shop, Costco/Sam’s, Interstate battery, etc will work also. You just need to double-check if your 2016 advance battery is AGM and that will 2X the cost automatically over the old lead acid types. My19 MDX Adv hybrid and 18 RLX Adv hybrid both have lead acid batteries.

What is the warranty on an Interstate Battery?

Within 24 months from the date of original purchase, batteries with a total warranty of 75 months will be replaced free of charge (except for taxes and legislatively-imposed fees, where applicable). Furthermore, what is the warranty on Costco Interstate Batteries? Costco then switched to the Interstate battery with a 42 month replacement

Interstate Battery from Costco – Stingray Corvette Forum

Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 2, 2018. Ok, it will be 4 years on March 4th 2018 since my car was born and it is starting to show slower cranking. Anyone buy the Interstate battery from Costco $109.99. Cold Cranking Amps 770. Cranking Amps 960.

Interstate Vs Everstart Battery – Daily Parts Pro

Interstate Battery Review. Having an age over 50 years, the company has been the first choice when it comes to the replacement of your car battery. The outstanding combination of power and reliability has made it an obvious choice for the users. The company not only provides the battery but also set up more than 150,000 dealer location to help


So, for $45 more, I walk out with my refurbished battery that probably has a worse warranty than my original. Mind you, the same battery is $75 at Costco, new. BUT wait, Costco is the only one who will service Costco-Interstate batteries, despite the receipt. ANYWAY, long story short, buy any other brand of battery.

Dealer car Battery vs. Walmart – Kia Soul Forums

Costco sells Interstate batteries and they are excellent. Might cost a bit more, but batteries are something you shouldn’t scrimp on. Richmond, Virginia – USA 2007 Honda Fit Sport – 2015 VW Beetle TDI – 1999 Honda CRV – 1996 Honda Del Sol – 2022 Kia Sorento SX-P-XLine.

Interstate Batteries Recycling Charge Notice – Fixtures

This do-it-yourself, store-printed Interstate-Batteries Recycling Core-Charge Notice seen at Costco, Krocks Road, Allentown, PA. The sign saves repeated explaining why the battery price seems a tad higher than expected. Follow Costco Interstate Batteries Merchandising at… ” Interstate Batteries QR-Code Powers Online Orders “

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